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Hi All,

I have been offered a job to work in cham. can somebody let me know where would be the best place to leave . I was thinking about Zug.

1. Would want to know in zud to leave
2. how would it cost to rent a 2-3 bed appartment
3. how is the tax in zug quick is it to get an appartment

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Cham is in the canton of Zug and Zug is the biggest town of the canton. You'll have a train every 15 minutes from Cham to Zug, it is just a few minutes ride.

Zug is an extreme canton when it comes to taxes and accomodation. It has one of the lowest taxes of the country, and because of that, accomodation prices can be sky high and difficult to find.

As has been written on this forum and in the "Guide" on this expat-blog, is your place to check out tax levels, and is a good site to look for accomodation and compare prices. Check out the "Guide" on this forum for more useful basic information on living in Switzerland

You may consider living in one of the neighbouring cantons, like Luzern. Taxes are higher, but accomodation may be more affordable and easier to find than in Zug.

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Thank you very much for the information I will have a look at your suggestion . But I don't realy want to leave to far away from cham, because transport cost and travelling time.

To give you an idea:
Zug - Cham is 7 minutes by train.
Luzern - Cham is about 25 minutes by train. is the website of the national railways, and it
has an address-to-address route planner, so you can check out
public transport travel time for any accomodation that you
might want to rent/buy.

Transport costs: a season ticket Luzern-Cham will cost you about 1'500 CHF per year. Compare this to the prices of accomodation in Zug and Luzern. I checked out today for Zug and Luzern (search for 3- to 4.5-room flats, that's equivalent to what we would call a 2- to 3-bedroom flat). Don't expect to rent a 2- to 3-bedroom flat in Zug for less than 2'000 CHF per month. 2'500-3'500 CHF is more realistic. In Luzern, however, you should be able to find something for 1'500-2'000 CHF per month. That's a huge difference, it more than compensates the additional costs for public transport.

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