Whats the price of buying a flat /house

Hi all

I just back from switzerland .visited Zurich,Luzern,Basel,Bern,Zermatt,Geneva~~

Love Geneva best ,beacause i make watches !  :D:D:D
we plan to move there at 2016 .would like to know the price of buying a flat .

Thank you in advance . :thanks:


Hi Sophy,

You will find some useful infos in the Accommodation in Switzerland section of the Expat Guide, particularly this one on accommodation in Geneva : https://www.expat.com/en/guide/europe/s … eneva.html

You will also get an idea of pricing on the market by browsing the Housing in Switzerland section, there are some adverts available.

All the best

Thank you so much  :thanks:

600KCHF+ for a small flat in / near Zürich

it is a lot ~~~~~small one  :(

Geneva happens to be one of the most expensive cities when it comes to buying property.
Look for yourself at www.immoscout24.ch for offers and prices.

The good news: interest rates for mortgages are at a historic low. A mortgage for less than 1% interest is no exception at the moment. Banks will make the following restrictions on mortgages:
- Max 80% of the value of the real estate can be financed by a mortgage
- Your income should be high enough. General rule: the costs of the flat (1%-2% of the value of the flat for covering maintenance costs, plus the mortgage interest at a fictive rate of about 5%, even if the actual rate is only 1%) shouldn't extend a third of your net income. Net income is
Example: if you want to buy a flat of 1'000'000 CHF, you need to bring 200'000 CHF of your own, and you can get a 800'000 CHF mortgage. Your yearly costs will be 10'000-20'000 CHF for maintenance plus (fictive) 5% of the mortgage (40'000, assuming you need the full 800'000), also 50'000-60'000, so your net income should be at least 150'000-180'000 CHF a year.