Province Nominations for Finance specialist

Good day to everyone!

I am a Finance accountant (code 1111), eligible for immigration to Canada, but my points are low and I need a Province nomination.

To which province is better to apply and more possibilities to get a nomination?
I do not think that it will be possible to get a job offer as i am living abroad....

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot for your time and any advice!

Hi Tanya, did you get any help on PN. What is the status of your application. I'm a Finance Professional, starting my process of immigration.

No i did not get any help on PN. i am searching by myself. I was discussing my case with the lawyer in Canada and he told me that i might be eligible for Nova Scotia only and there is still no guarantee.
Sounds very strange cause i have more than 5 years of working experience including Royal Bank of Canada and my diploma has been assessed already...
So i think i will do everything by myself and do not want to use any help of the agency.
how many points do you have in your EE?

I haven't started anything yet, I'll sit for IELTS in April and get my CA + Bcom certificates validated. Based on my understanding, I'm hoping to make it to the 450 mark on the CRS. What is your CRS now?

419. What is your goal for IELTS? Where are you from?

I'm aiming for a minimum of 8 overall on IELTS. I'm from Chennai working in Gulf for 6 years now. Regret not starting this process earlier.

do you have masters or bachelor degree? I have 8 overall IELTS
888W7 and i got only 419 points..

I have a Bachelor and CA (equal to Bachelor). I realize the value of getting a masters now.  But I'll partly make up for it by getting a CPA (US).

i am 32, have a bachelor degree as well, 5 years of working experience, my IELTS is 888W7
i have 419 points.
did you pass your IELTS?
how are you gonna have 450 points?
not sure why my points so low...maybe i did smth wrong.

I'm 31, will get transcripts for 2 Bachelor degrees. Work experience on record will be 8 years (as a Finance Manager would be 3 years).

I have not yet started anything. Not even IELTS. So my score is only an estimate at this point.

My colleague who went to Canada in Jan 2018 got 462 points with an IELTS score of 8.5. I hope to reach somewhere near.

would you please kindly share other details of your colleague, I just want to understand his point breakdown. Sorry for bothering, but i think that i have done something wrong as i am not sure why my points are so low then, IELTS overall 8 as wel...
. it is quite a huge gap between mine 419 and his 462. IT can not be only because of IELTS..

I would be highly appreciated it you share with me his info regarding his points!!!
thank you in advance and sorry again for bothering

Send me your points breakdown, I'll check with him where you could have gone wrong.

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