Semi pro/pro football

I'm looking for any pro/semi pro football clubs in Cologne that have a youth team that are willing to allow a 16 year old ex English academy football player to train with them for 1-2 weeks in the summer. If anyone has any contacts that they can forward on to me I would be very grateful.

1. FC Köln is the biggest soccer club in Cologne (, but there are also others you could try: … _K%C3%B6ln
In case you didn't mean soccer, but American football, you're out of luck: There are (to my knowledge) no professional clubs in Germany.

Thank you Beppi,
Yes I meant soccer....and thank you for the suggestions. He wants to work his way up so wants to gain experience in the lower leagues so I think he leave FC Köln for now as I think you'll only get invited if you've been scouted.

Just need to get invitations and then look for somewhere to stay....Thanks again.

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