Juggler looking to collaborate

Hello! I am looking for one or several people who would like to perform on the street/pedestrian crossings in Cologne. Jugglers, circus performers, acrobats, dancers. I will be in Cologne in a few days, get in touch :-) Tom

Good luck with that. I have heard of a few South Americans that have done this in Germany but basically it is neither legal nor socially accepted here. It distracts drivers and can cause an accident. As a person with over 35 years of experience as a performer including having done over 15,000 street shows I don’t understand the traffic light strategy at all. There are lots of opportunities to do street shows – if one has the performing talent. The advantage of doing traffic lights is one has a captive audience. But this is not needed when one can attract an audience through performing skills. Not to say some of the street light performers in Latin America don’t have technical skills because some of them are awesome. But technical skills and performing skills are not necessarily the same thing. I don’t want to disrespect such people but to me it seems desperate. If one wants to pass the hat then its fine but develop performing skill and get a show together. There are definitely pitches in Cologne’s pedestrian zones.

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