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So .... here for 3 months trialing Cabrera to see if we want to move permanently! Love the people and the country and have found the perfect property! Now the problem! We were robbed almost 3 weeks ago by 2 guys at 2 in the morning. I woke up,saw them,woke up my husband and he chased them off! Scary as hell but no injury but they took off with almost all our electronics as well as some of the people’s property we are renting from. We saw them, they recovered my e-reader from one of the thieves house. We have just spent the second all day fun filled adventure of police station and court house where we spent 5 min identifying my property and having the two thieves paraded in front of no less than 5 times- two of them close enough to touch so that we are now fully familiar with each other-as well as their families. Thank god for our Spanishspeaking neighbor and a few other very helpful Dominicans helping us navigate. These 2 are very well known to the police and courts and in fact are out after 2 years on a 15year sentence for the same thing. Now I have to identify them and apparently if sentenced I need to pay a lawyer 20,000 pesos to have a lawyer that will ensure after 3 months that a judge won’t just let them out? Anyone else had any experience with kind of thing and any recommendations? — looking for recommendations.

Sorry for your loss, but happy to see that no harm came to you or your wife.  I don't know if there is much that you could do to ensure the perps will do jail time or any time at all for that matter. The judicial system is D.R. is partly based on a who knows who sort of thing. If you know the right people or have the financial means to pay your way out of an incident, you will fair just fine.  The best you can do is secure your property with an alarm system, cameras, or dogs in order to deter future incidents. Dominican jails are overcrowded as is, which is probably another reason why perps do not serve complete sentences.  If you are looking for the law to be on your side as a foreigner, you might have some level of success depending on how deep your pockets are, other than that you are pretty much on your own. One of the simple realities of the country. Hope you were able to recover all that was lost and keep your eyes and ears open. Let me add, it is not uncommon to have repeat offenders walking the street with a rap sheet a mile long, just one of the many idiosyncracities of D.R. Be safe & thanks for sharing your experience.

It is  sad that we only hear from the small percentage who have been victimized.  I guess that the silent are hoping that the finger of fate won't know that they exist. Ho- hum. that is the way of man in today's world. Glad you & the others are OK.  There are no rose colored glasses in life, but Maui Jim's do exist.  Sit back & have another glass of wine.

They used to hang hoss thieves & rustlers, but not any more. That 20,000 sounds like a scam to me. PM me for an influential contact in Cabrera. They may be of help to you.  Good luck with this. English speaking folks.

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