Getting a Dominican Driver's License

Hi all:

I'm looking for information about getting a dominican driver's license. I understand the process is different depending on what country you are from. I am from the U.S.

My questions are:
1) I am here on a work visa. Can I get a license if I'm only on a work visa? Or do I have to wait until my residency is approved? (Yes, I have applied for temporary residence. All of the documents are in. I've completed my medical exam. I'm just waiting on the final step to get approval).
2) What is the process?
3) What are the costs?
4) Is there a website that explains the process?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi: Presently I am going through this process. I assume it is the same for Canadians as Americans. The first thing you need to do is get your US drivers license validated at the US Consulate. How long is your work visa good for. I will send you a PM of the person who is helping me. She has been very helpful and I highly recommend her.

The Intrant website gives you all the information you need to obtain a Dominican driving license: … e-conducir

Citizens of the USA and UK need to go through the whole process of temporary license after tests and cannot get their foreign license certified like some other countries such as Canada. It is an easy process and cheap.

But you do need a cedula, not least for the initial police check. Do you get one with your work permit? You will get one with your temporary residence. Your driving license number will be the same as your cedula and residency cards.

You need your cedula first!

planner , I came across this resolution from INTRANT which does indicate that a holder of a work permit or student visa can obtain a Dominican driving license: … NJEROS.pdf

So LZoe should follow this up whilst waiting fro their residency.

Good stuff!  This was done by decree in  July 2017 so its recent! 

You will need the  following:

1. Be 18 or older.
2. License from the country of origin in force
3. Certification apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming the
authenticity and validity of the foreign license.
4. Valid visa passport as established in the case (take copies together to the original)
5. Work certification
6. Copy of the current employment contract or the university, as established in the case.
7. Student permission for the cases that apply.

Of course there are fees..... and a process to follow.

If in Santo Domingo, the place to go with all your documents as above would be INTRANT on Av. Tiridentes opposite Quisqueya Stadium. This incidentally is where you apply for a DR drivers license too and take the various tests. There is a BanReserva alongside to pay fees.

Thank you Planner, StanR and lennoxnev! This is a big help. Any idea what they mean by work certification? I have my work contract.

Thank you all for such helpful responses!

Your work contract should lead to a work visa. That is what they need.

planner :

Your work contract should lead to a work visa. That is what they need.

Thank you Planner! I do have a work visa. And I have applied for residency. It's just that they used the words "work certification" and I'm not sure what that means. Is it some sort of letter from my employer?

It should mean the approval and subsequent visa honey.

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