Looking to meet people!

Hi, I am a current intern here in Budapest from the United States! I am trying to meet some people who are also new to the area and possibly want to do some traveling as well as do things in the city.

I think you might have better luck on Facebook for such requests. Or a number of social apps.  Or just visit your favorite outdoor cafe in the Spring / Summer / Autumn and there are often people looking for chatting partners.  Winter is more difficult because it's grey and people are indoors and not as social as when the weather is warmer and nicer.
Good luck!

You should try the following Facebook groups and platforms:
- International Meeting Point IMP Budapest
- Girls Gone International Budapest
- Women of Budapest
- Meetups Budapest
I am sure, you will habe made New friends by the end of this week. :-)
Have fun.

Hello, I am a student from Poland/Cracow and will be an intern in Budapest this summer. If you  still are in Budapest this time, let me know I would like to meet some foregin people there. :)

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