New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Welcome old friend.

Now you are definitely the guy to tell us about Holiday Food in DR, see below topic heading with last post 5 days ago.

Can't wait to see some of your recipes with a truly Caribbean twist!

thanks for your kind words, planner. i hope to be of some service to people in this community, because i have been around this country a long time. i had an apartment in Santo Domingo when Balaguer was President, so i know a thing or two about the place.  feel free to pick my brains anytime you collectively feel like. oftentimes it will be in vain, but sometimes i might be of use.

i am based in POP. i love Santiago, but the heat and humidity does not do it for me.  at least in POP i can slither down to the malecon and get some breeze

i am based in POP. i love Santiago, but the heat and humidity does not do it for me.  at least in POP i can slither down to the malecon and get some breeze

Hello everyone.
My wife and I are American.
We've lived in countries abroad for the last 3 years (19 month-old daughter born in Yucatan Mexico).

I moved my family to the island 9 days ago.
We're liking things so far.
But we don't want to "vacation" forever.
We're looking for a place we can rent for 5 months.

Can someone point me to a good thread to post up our rental challenges and questions? To wit: We're looking to rent from now through May 15, 2019 in southern end of island with a few criteria (e.g. walled for our 2 cats to enjoy outdoors, within a half mile of a wide walkable beach without garbage or vendors, fast work-from-home internet). FWIW We usually get 2 bedroom houses, and haven't paid more than $300US monthly rent in 6 years. We've looked in Santo Domingo, SD Este and Boca Chica without any real success mostly with the beach thing, and are working our way eastwards (currently in Juan Dolio). One challenge here seems to be getting around to see/find houses to rent! Maybe there are some websites with rentals other than Corotos or FB marketplace? I would also happily pay someone on this board who's in this area to spend a few hours with us showing houses. Could be fun for someone semi-retired or whatever. :)

Welcome to the forums. You are going to struggle with your requirements the further east you go.

You will have more luck I think on the north coast but seriously your budget is tight.

Check the various threads and post your questions there and you will get responses.

We liked to keep the intro thread for introductions.

Hello my name is Heçtor currently residing in Puerto Rico I had move to Florida when I retire over five years ago after one year living there I new I wanted out it is going to be the next California population comgestion , traffic, high rents and real estate. As for Puerto Rico I will choose to be discreet for now but I have already started packing I am planing my trip to punta Cana for feb so yes I’m interested in knowing a good location without the tourist prices and either rental or purchase is find with me.I do know the Dominican because I also lived in Washington heights NY and my sons are half Dominican I like the vibrancy of the people and love there food.

Welcome Hector!   I understand why you want out honey.  Start reading the various threads here and ask  questions whenever you need or want to.

You may find Punta Cana too touristy for you. Check out the other areas of the country honey.

The north shore offers many interesting areas to explore. Many fine small beach towns, one large city, Puerta Plata, access to a maor cit, Santiago. The north shore offers a laid back way of living. You want tourists, or you want quiet, sleepy little towns?  They are all here stretched out along the beah ridden coast. Less expensive by far. Take your time & check it out. I love it here, it is my home. Good people & great food. Welcome, you will find what you want.

Ok Thank you for the response I will research and ask questions. Is location and real estate that I will need assistance I don’t want to be far from the tourist area the perks is shopping and I an artist I would access to quality art supplies once again Thank You

You are very welcome!

Feliz Navidad!  We are Jack & Dianne and new to this forum.  We are retired from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA.  We are currently living in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  We have been here 8 years and are permanent residents.  This year we are returning back to "snowbird" status.  Our 6 grandchildren want to see more of us and vice versa.  I joined this forum because I was active with the PV Expats forums and activities here.  I received much useful information advice and feedback prior to us moving here.
We recently sold our condo in PV and wish to explore more places in the winter.  PV is growing so fast it seems like the old charm is disappearing.  The infrastructure can't keep up, and I believe it will only get much worse.  I've been reading some of the Dominican posts in the recent months, and much of it is very similar to this culture. 

Our plan is to come to Punta Cana this November for 6 months.  We have found a rental we like, and are looking forward to something different for us.  We like to socialize with other expats...many of our friends here are Canadian, eh.  We like to eat fresh food from the markets, do yoga, gym, I play a little tennis (not very good), and I like golf. 

We don't know if this will be a one time winter stay, or perhaps more...our options are open.  We hope to meet other expats who are in our local area, in PV we call them "meet ups".  We will not drive in Dominican.  I drive here, and it seems very similar to your country.  muy loco as they say.  I have a Mexican drivers license and a car here, but we will walk, take the bus, taxi whatever.  Dianne is into art stuff, some painting and cultural events. 

Ok, that's it for now.  We appreciate the information you all provide.  We know how invaluable it is, and we will be asking questions as we get closer..Oh, btw, we have a small dog named Howard...he is an 11 year old Corgi, and the locals here really love him.  Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season.   Jack & Dianne

Welcome to the forums!!!  I hope you like it! Many of us do but it isn't right for everyone!

Welcome Jack and Diane.  There is a song with Jack and Diane.  Hmmm.

Where PV is getting stale, the Dominican Republic is likened to fresh bread baking in the oven.  Everything is here for eb
Everyone.  Seek and ye shall find.

Happy holidays.

If I said that the north shore reminds me of Costa Rica 30 years ago or the Yucatan  45 years ago would that be somehow helpful?

Having been in the Hospitality industry for 40++  years, and knowing tthe major changes in POP over the past 15 or so years, and other places in resort destinations, I am of the opinion that all destinations are different and take on their own identity.

There are a myriad reasons why, some are successful, and others not. And how many attractions

More later.


Tinker is exactly correct.  The North Shore is perfect for what you described.  My suggestion is not to buy in POP,  but one of the lovely smaller communities within 30 minutes awsy6.

Were you aware Christopher Columbus landed on the North Shore when he thought he dis covered the New World at La Isabella?  I am not suggesting you buy in La Isabella.  Just saying.  Luperon should be looked at.  They have a World class recognized Marina. Luperon Bay.  Check it out.  About 10000 residents.  Very laid back.  Low crime here.

Good luck with wherever you choose to live.

I am Victor from Toronto

I am interested to live with or among locals, where do they advertise their rentals, please?

How do I rent from them?

A nice welcome thanks  I do have a question has any one imported their car to DR ? One problem I had in Puerto Rico I ship my it was new but I have a Florida sheriff sticker on the back window also a Florida sheriff plate behind the back seat also visible but the blue helmet I kept when I retire has an American flag on it and I felt I had to remove it I felt the tension funny from an island that has the American since 1898. Is a premature question since I am not there but do you think there should be anything indicating who are?

Vic welcome. They dont advertise online for rentals!   You need to show up and walk those areas to find rentals.

May I remind everyone this is the WELCOME THREAD. Lets keep discussions to a minimum.  Please go read the various threads and open threads as needed. Thanks everyone.

Hello all.  I am looking to relocate to the Dominican Republic in a little over a year. I am looking to relocate to the Punta Cana area. I do know that the cost of living is higher because it is a tourist area, but I am alright with that.  I am looking to relocate in a closed community that rent 2-3 bedroom apartments. Any suggestions? I have 2 dogs that are going to have to come with me.  My concerns are they are both bulldogs and can’t be boarded as a so called “checked”.  I do not know how to transfer them.  I am a registered nurse that is hoping to continue working with my current employer as a full time telecommute; they are located in NY. I am unsure if there is anything that I need to do. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated

Welcome.  You have an interesting situation.  I have a few questions and comments.

You want to "live" in the Dominican Republic but work full time in NY?  Correct?  You have 2 bulldogs you will bring here. 

Are you also bringing any other person with you?  How long will you be gone when you work?  Who will watch your dogs.  I applaud your decision to move here.  However, it is difficult for me to understand the logistics.

Punta Cana. More upscale communities is more expensive, not because it is a tourist destination, but because it is a more expensive destination.  Many other places on the island can provide your needs. Look into the north shore.

I am bringing my daughter with me who will be 18 at the time. I will be working Fulltime telecommuting from home (which I hope to be in the Dominican Republic). I will be at home so no need to bring my dogs anywhere or have someone watch them. Sorry for the confusion

welcome to the forums. If your dogs are on the banned list for transport by airline I am not sure how you will get them here!

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