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Welcome Cindy.
My wife and I reside full-time in Mt. Pleasant, but travel frequently. We are currently in Las Terrenas for 2 months or so. As for golfing, the DR has some great courses but can be very expensive. Almost all of them require you to use a caddie.
That being said, your husband must play the courses at Casa de Campo. Two of the best I have ever played.
I hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome Cindyscruise - Sounds like you are doing things right.  Read as much as you and feel free to ask your questions as needed. lots of great resources here.

Juls - honey we keep this thread for introductions.  I will answer your questions by starting a new thread for you!

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Warm and friendly hello to all.

I'm Craig from good ole Cape Breton, Nova Scotia now living in Red Deer, Alberta. I retired from the Canadian Military in 2001 in Winnipeg after having lived in every province except BC and of course Nunvut. I have been to the Dominican 5 times since 2017. I stayed in several smaller places that perhaps not many have been or will go to as a tourist; Mao, Amina and Esperanza. What an eye -opener and yet very amazing experience. I've also stayed at Lifestyles at Confresi but definitely too "yuppy" for me, exactly what I want to escape from to be honest. I also enjoyed Punta Cana and Santiago de los Caballeros but Puerto Plata still seems to be my favourite (I have friends there). Golfing at Playa Dorada last December was quite an experience. lol.....I don't have anything negative to say about Cabarete or Sosua but they don't jump off the shelf as a place I want to live. I have a potential opportunity to teach English at SJS School in Santo Domingo (I have DR friends who live there) or I can work in UNO Call Centre in Santiago. However, for me, commuting everyday from Puerto Plata to Santiago to work would put me right back where I am leaving, i.e.  working too much!  I say that because if I chose to work in Santiago, I wouldn't want to live there. I'm too old to be working 10-12 hours days.
I have not decided if I even want to work; perhaps because I still have a lot of energy and I enjoy working a few hours a day or perhaps I should just lay back and get heavily involved in a local community.  I grew up next to the Atlantic Ocean so I want to live the rest of my days near it but in a semi tropical climate this time.
Anyway, the whole point to all that verbal diarrhea is that I am going to live in the DR but this whole Resident visa thing is very deflating, somewhat exhausting, total buzz killer and as every knows very well, some days ya just wanna bang your head against a wall and say: "wtf", (to use the technical term)   lol.....The frightening thing for me is having to package up personal documents (Passport, birth certificate, etc..) and send them in a courier envelope to of all places...OTTAWA. YIKES!  I've learned to dislike that place after 23 years in the Military.........    :-)  I'm old, ugly, hung like a hampster and divorced so I just want to get by all this paperwork and get there.

Be good to each other everybody!


Now Craig that's one he'll of an introduction!  You made me laugh!!!

Lots of info on here about residencia.  If you need help just ask..

You have been around my friend and you will find the right place for yourself here!

From Nova Scotia to the DR.

Good morning all, I'm recently retired with my wife and considering a full move to the DR but literally have only begun to seriously consider it. Our intent would be to sell our home here and permanently settle on the island but we have so many questions.

For starters, assuming we purchase a house outright and have no "mortgage" in the DR, what would a medium cost of living be? Anything from the cost of groceries, hydro, health care (although we're healthy now, we know we  won't be getting any younger), even the question "is there gated communities, and if so......are there more fees here (but we're not condo people).

Other questions in my mind, I assume we would need to pay Cdn taxes on our pension income, but do we need to pay DR taxes as well? 

What about Passports.... are we still considered Canadians??? Do we retain our Cdn passport ? 

But I guess the biggest two questions are:
1. Are we crazy to consider doing this; and
2. Is it safe to live in the DR?

So many questions and I'm just starting to see the complexity of research ahead of me. 

Many thanks for any advice given.

Halifax, Canada

Welcome Joe!  Start reading honey. There are many threads to get you started. Any questions ask in those threads or start your own as needed.

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Hello To everyone . I will give you a quick introduction . I am Married and i am looking to retire in the next few years . My wife and are are considering the Dominican Republic , on a part time Basis . 6 months here and 6 months there . We have only been to the Puerto Plata area once so far , but will be returning there in the next few months for an Exploratory Vacation . We are looking for warmth and simplicity in life . I have spent to many years underground in a mine and very little sun during the winter . We are still fairly young and wish to spend the balance of our lives enjoying the tropics . There is a lot more to our story , but that is a basic intro . I am looking forward to any advice given . I want to hear the good and the BAD ! No rose colored glasses , PLEASE ! Thank you .

Welcome coldrooster.   Thanks for the intro. Lots of great info on the threads here!  Start reading and asking questions.

Riverlee honey,  please wait for your answer in the other thread, or add this post to that thread.  This is for intro and welcome.  We are happy to help you in the other thread!


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