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Probably a condo with a community pool and gathering area. For the ability to meet people and learn more about the area and possible employment opportunities.

Good idea, also get out & about to meet diverse people with diverse experiences.  Dominicans as well as expats. There is more info in the threads than you can imagine.  Ask 5 people the same question & if 3 of them give you the same answer you have a good start on learning what is right for you.  There is no such thing as a mistake, ..........Unless you repeat it!   Welcome again to the site & to the island.

Don't know what kind of response I will get back, but I am attempting to start planning to move to the DR after I graduate from highschool...

Does anyone have any advice besides don't go haha

I know someone that lives down there already, so I wouldn't be totally alone, but I'm looking for a new adventure.

A lot of my family speaks spanish and I'm on my way to being fluent, but I still have over another year until this would happen... just wanted to prepare early and figure out what I have to do to make this happen.

Thanks :)

Welcome to the forums. Start reading honey!  There is a ton of info in the various threads.  Then  feel free to ask questions as needed in the various threads, or start your own!

I won't tell you to not come. I will simply provide honest facts to you. The Dominican Republic is by far a patriarchal society.  Meaning women are still considered somewhat second class citizens. Much worst than in the United states. You would have a difficult time getting a job to provide for yourself.  So I suggest you find a job prior to coming, or have enough money to support yourself.  Most of the boys in your age group would simply see you as a new sexual conquest. I'm not saying all of them,  but many.  Being a single woman and not living with your family, husband, or boyfriend, is rare here. You will be urged to find a man to support you. The country is moving forward in terms of social issues,  but I would say it is decades behind the United states in women's rights.

My husband and I are moving to Punta Cana in December from Houston, Tx.  We have to start our Meet Up Groups.  :)

Absolutely! Anyone can organize a meet up people. Its not any one persons job!!!!


My husband Hardy and I are house sitters (thus our profile name) and we got a gig housesitting here in Sosua at Casa Linda until November.  Yay us!  We've been to Hispaniola before but in Haiti so this is our first trip to the DR.  What a difference.  Part of the adventure of housesitting is we wind up in places we've never been and get to just figure it out.  We just got here at the end of April and the people we are housesitting for are really super and spent our first two days showing us around and gave us lots of resources which was fabulous. 

We are still looking for people to connect with.  We are avid ocean goers; kayaking, scuba, snorkeling, anything to do with the sea, as well as hikers.  We are looking forwarad to connecting with like minded folks to have adventures with and drinks at the end of the day.  We also really want to learn spanish while we are here which is something you have to actively pursue as everyone here just automatically speaks english to us.  My husband is German and I'm from the states and we love traveling!  We are so happy to be here.

Looking forward to hearing from people in the area and finding fun places to go, things to do and people to hang with.



Welcome to you Kate and Hardy.  Lots of expats on the north coast honey!  Read the threads here as well, lots of answers to the questions you don't even know you have yet!  Enjoy your stay.

Welcome to Sosua, the DR & the forum.  For learning Spanish, Go to marcus[at]   Very low cost, fun, easy & no boring repetative nonsense.  Pretty sure I have the address correct. Have fun, check out the "Finish Line bar. Live music twice a week, Saturday & ?  If I'm wrong will send the correct one.   Just checked, it is the right e-mail address for the Spanish. It really is amazing & fun. The two of you will be speaking it in no time. Lo es verdad.  Hope to meet you sometime for laughter & trading travel stories.

Hello, all!!

My husband (David), my son (John - 14 years old), and I (Shala) are moving to the Sousa area this August. We have visited several times and just LOVE the country. I took a position at an international school and we have looking forward to it. There is a LOT of be done before the move and it seems a bit overwhelming at times.

We decided to rent a furnished place for now and sell off most of our belonging here. It seemed like too much work and cost to ship anything. It also helps us get rid of all that junk you gather up over the years. We have already entered a contract (one year) for a house and have 1) had Dominican friends we trust look at the house, and 2) had a lawyer fluent in both languages look at the contract.

We are looking at different transportation options and trying to figure out what will work best of us (rent a car long term, purchase a used car, buy a scoter or two). Then we will look at cell phone options.

We will also be bringing our German Shepherd.

I found this site, looking for information on shipping the dog. Boy, am I glad I did! There is so much information on here......


Welcome Shala to you and your family and your dog!  Yes there is a ton of info on here!  Ready read read honey and ask questions in the various threads. Don't find what you are looking for?  Open a thread honey! 

I look forward to you updating us on your journey and settling in here!

Happy to welcome you to the island, the forum & your new adventure.  Feel free to PM me for some possible options & choices for your transportation needs. I don't represent anyone, just enjoy helping people.  The school is  excellent & has a reputation as one of the best.  Your son will enjoy the place as he settles into the flow of things.  Kids in the long run usually adapt more easily than the parents.    Ask, ask & ask some more about anything at all.  There are no dumb questions, .... only dumb answers.  Getting rid of extra stuff is a great idea, it really cuts the BS down.

My name is Melanie, my husband and our 2 kids are looking to move to Las Terrenas within 5 years, we have been searching for 2 years now and we fell in love with Las Terrenas, we have never been but will be planning a trip soon to go visit! I am a registered Massage Therapist and an Esthetician, my huband is a commercial roofer and qualified to do flooring and carpentry. Our boys are 6 and 9 :). We are from Dieppe New Brunswick, Canada!

Welcome to you and your family!   Read read read honey as there is a lot of info here on the forums. Understand to work here  you will need residencia and that your earnings will not be like there.

Once you start reading, ask questions in the various forums!  don't see a forum that fits your questions,  go ahead and start a thread!

That's awesome. My wife and I are also looking to move in about 7 years. She is a hairstylist and we are from St George N.B. we travel to moncton frequently. Maybe we can be neighbors in paradise. We've been to Puerto plata and sosua a few times and love it!!

Hello All,

Looking to relocate my family (Wife & 3 girls)  in the not so near future. Currently my ties to the USA are my aging parents and my main source of income. I have been in IT for over 20 years and I have always told myself "I can do this from a lounge chair on the beach wearing white linen a matching Fedora all while smoking a Cuban and getting my margarita topped off"  :lol:  .  This will be the wife and I first trip to DR- Sosua/Puerto Plata area, but as I always do I research research research and so far it has placed a longing in my heart to escape this rat race and raise my family elsewhere.

Welcome to all of you! We are here to help. Start reading and asking questions!!!

I would suggest a change of attire for the beach, BUT, not your mind-set.You might find it a mite too warm for a full suit, However it presents a wonderful mental image.  Do it & have your picture taken to show your friends.  A great couple I know are doing just that. They run their IT business from here 5 days a week & have weekends free for anything they wish to do. PM me & I'll give you their contact info.  They love it here.   Welcome to the "Possible Dream."

Hey just read your post u sound like a person that I joined this for .I'm looking for friends that want to make a go of it here. So , I do know of a great bar that was for sale in a really great place , an the price is's in Bayahibe. I can't remember them name but the outside has a purple awning. .the great thing about it is it's on the waterfront .unbelievable location.when I get back to DR in October ill see if you've bought it take care catch u later

two things: first please keep this for welcomes and introductions.

Second:  new members cannot private message immediately so stop asking new members to private message!

A sincere apology is in order, so here it is:   I'm sorry that I have not adhered to the required length of time for the new members to be able to PM other members.  I regret  my foolishness & the possibility of an encroaching loss of mental faculties due perhaps to advanced age.  Again, I extend my apologies to all whom I may have caused consternation.

No worries Tinker we will remind you when you forget!!!

Let me see Diccionario para consternation humm ok . I'm not offended after all 😁

Hello Tinker40,

I would love to be acquainted with your friends. I have often wondered how it's done and personally never been close to anyone doing it first hand (working from the beach).   I run the gambit with IT, although I have yet to venture into eCommerce which i assume is the easiest to do remotely.  If at all possible have them contact me I would love to add them to my network/village/family. The more the resources the merrier the voyage!

Because you are not aware Travel Techy,  please dont have conversations in this thread. Its to introduce yourselves to us and for us to welcome new members.

Thanks honey!

Hi, my husband and myself, retired Canadian seniors, are considering living in the Sosua area for the winter or longer.  Looking forward to any advice.

welcome to you and your husband.  Lots of great info here on a variety of threads.  Take a look at the info and ask questions as you need to honey!

Hi techie, I would be happy to share some ideas, & friends with you. When able, feel free to contact me. There are many here who would help. Do as planner advises & you shall reap a bountiful harvest of friends & info.

Hello to all. I have been lurking for a few months now. Finally decided to make a profile and introduce myself. This is definitely one of the best online forms of Dominican expats. Friendly, informative and active.  Just to give you some background on me. I have been visiting RD for over 3 years now. Single father of two young boys. 40 years old. Looking to eventually get an apartment in Puerto Plata to set up as a home base for my visits. Mainly for the cost, convenience, and comfort of having a little apartment that I can leave some basic stuff in and not have to book a hotel or airbnb every time I visit. Anyway my next trip to the north coast will be in July. Until then I will continue lurking here and occasionally post.

Welcome to the forums!  Thank you for the nice comments!!! Anything you need to know -  just ask us. You have already been reading so you know how it works!

Smart thinking. Many possibilities on the N. shore. Be sure to check out the Sosua/Caberete area. More for young boys to do.  Welcome & let us know whenever you step out of the shadows.

Been to sosua many times and it is fun and the beach is beautiful, but usually after about two or three days it gets old and I can't wait to get out of town. Caberete is nice and laid back but I really like Puerto Plata in the malecon area. I know I will really have to take my time before I pick a spot but I am not planning on buying just renting. So I can always change my location if I don't like something.

You are doing it right, not rushing into anything.  Smart way to go. Welcome to the right thinkers clan.

Hahaha thanks tinker. Trying my best. I have the rest of my life so you're right. No rush at all.


I have visited DR a month ago. I went to Punta cana, Santo Domingo, Las Haitities, Las Terrenase.. I fall in Love with this country. So im considering to move from Dubai To live in DR and move my business. I was reading many of the posts and did some researches about living and starting up business ..etc.

But id like to know fron the experts here about the possibilities of the success of my industry.

I have a solar company Business and i know the electricity in DR expensive due to the fuel high coast. So If i offer a solar solution to houses, Induatrial projects and farms with a monthly payments as finance, would that be interesting for them?
And in general, would this business work in DR.


In my opinion, the country is ripe for this type of energy production. A comprehensive educational & marketing program would be required. The government has several solar farms in production with more planned. A low entry price point is essential.There are a few small companies selling systems, but barely scratch the surface of potential markets. I believe that it would be a slow start until the possible buyers realize the benefits of solar. I wish you all the luck in the world. Creating a business here requires time, patience, & hoop-jumping. And of course, sufficient funding.  Planner can explain the necessary procedures. Welcome to the forum. Continue to ask questions.

Thanks alot for your reply..

Welcome to the forums. Your business has potential here. I will message you.

Thanks for reading the forums. If you wish, open a thread for a comprehensive discussion on this.

Hi there,

I'm Bella! I just got back from a trip to Samana and am seriously looking into whether a move to Dominican Republic is possible in the next ten years. I am only 19, going into my second year of university, so I'd like to finish school before I move, but I want to be educated on the topic.

I talked to my mother about it a little already, and she basically just told me that I don't really want to live in Dominican.

I know that I have to do what is right for me, and it is something that I have been thinking about for years now. I'd love to hear about worries that you guys have/had about moving to DR, as well as info on jobs and housing.

Thank you for your help! Look forward to hearing back.

Bella! xo

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