New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

It's a pleasure to "virtually" meet you as well!  I hope to get to know you along with the rest of the group much better in time.  The villa is located between Sosua and Cabarete about one minute's walk to the beach.  I've communicated with a number of different realtors in DR and this area seems to be pretty nice, from what I can tell.  Someone who doesn't have a vested interest in my arrival would probably be able to provide better "intel". 

With that said, the villa is very large, 7000-8000 sq ft, pool, hot tub, ocean view, daily maid service, gardener, gated community with good security etc.  My intention is to have plenty of room for friends and family to come visit whenever they want and I also want to feel like I'm on vacation for the next 12 months!  :D

This place is supposed to be within a 10 minute drive to groceries and other things to do.  I'm not looking for seclusion but I am looking for quiet, peace and tranquility, at least until I feel like I want to go out and get into "mischief"

Feel free to provide comments and feedback.  I'm not locked into this place yet so if anyone has other suggestions, I'm all ears!

Hey Bob,

I'm currently looking in the Sosua/Cabarete area.  I've been told by a number of realtors that this is a pretty decent area.  Looks as if you may have some good insight?  Any information you can provide would be beneficial.  Thanks in advance!

We have lived in the Sosua/Cabarete area for 12 years now full time.  Feel free to ask away or PM mew with questions

Bob K

Been travelling around the island for the past year. Sosua/Cabarete offers a lot and many expats in the area. Good luck!


Awesome!  It will be great to get to know you!  Thank you very much for your willingness to help out!  Sincerely appreciated!

Thanks John!  I appreciate the info!


No problem.  Just let me know what you need.
Bob K

ur in paradise now, Jeff.  Just moved here myself, in November.  Encuentro.  Live the life, love the people...join the 'who wants to be anywhere else' club.

Welcome Jeff.

Quick reminder to us all - this thread is for introductions. Whenever needed let's move conversations and questions to other threads.

Thanks all!

Jeff, however  you came upon the idea to come to the DR, it was a stroke of great fortune. Welcome & look forward to your presence at the April 14th. north shore get-together  in Sosua.   Keep posting your progress, thoughts & questions.  Much info is available here.

Thanks Arrogantice!  Sincerely appreciated.  Looking forward to meeting someday soon!

Warmest Regards,


Thank you Julian!! :-)

Hi all, we are excited about moving to Punta Cana in November or sooner ... retired from US .... wanting to meet other expats when we get there .

Welcome to the forums. Lots of great info here. Feel free to ask your questions in the various threads!

Thanks know my husband was a city planner for Monroe County...just curious why you call yourself planner👍

Let me add my welcome.  Lots of good folks here.  We are in the north coast area so not near you.  If in our area let us know.
Good luck on the move

Bob K

Thanks Bob, we sure will.  Any expats on here from Punta Cana?

   I am super excited about finding this group. I have fallen inlove with the Dominican Republic. I currently travel back and forth to Santiago and I am trying to piece together how to make a permanent move!

I’m looking for schools and apartments currently and will also be looking for jobs.

I have a small support system there, but it will be be refreshing and beneficial  to have a community of people that understand living abroad!

I look forward to meeting new people and planning my move!


Welcome to the forums honey. Lots of good help here any time you need it!

Welcome to the site. Much valuble info. Read the threads & then ask questions. Do you speak Spanish?  A working knowledge of it will ease your way into Dominican life. The locals are a great people & of course, their helpfulness is a huge surprise to many newbies.  Good wishes for your successful transition to life here. Keep us informed of your progress please

Thanks so much!

Let me add my welcome.  Lots to read hear on how to make the "move"  Read and ask questions as there are some good folks here


Hey, Planning a move with my husband and two kids in a couple of years to adanto
Domingo. My husband is from Santo Domingo and has family there. We have visited there, even had our wedding in the Zona Colonial. Can’t wait to have our kids get the culture and language immersion. I need to study up on my basic spanish too. Using Duo Lino and Rosetta Stone. My husband teaching me never goes well ;) My husband and I are both looking for work with the private/American/international schools. Can’t wait to leave to cold and darkness in Alaska. These next two years will be about planning and preparing for the move and staying present and enjoying the rest of our time where we are. Can’t wait to get some more great info from you all!

welcome to the forums.  Good for you!   I assume then you are both teachers. There are definitely  opportunities here. Did you already get residencia or is that still needed?

Lots of info here honey, read away and ask questions as needed?

I am a School Psychologist with my administration graduate certificate. And my husband has a ton of experience in education and has an undergraduate degree. He is also bilingual, and spent his first 8 years in Santo Domingo. I am hoping to get assistance with a Visa through a job offer, so we will see. I'm about two years out from our move. I'm excited though and want  to make sure we are as prepared as possible with our budget, job expectations especially. We are familiar with the area and have my husband's family to help us in a lot of ways. But it is just nice to be able to go over things with other expats in this way. Thanks for your support, Planner.

SCD02004 welcome to the forum.  Sounds like you have a plan in place.  Read the various threads here and ask questions.  Lots of folks with good info here to share.  Good luck

Bob K

Glad we can be helpful!!!!


We are Tripp and Nancy from Pittsburgh, Pa, USA.  We have visited DR a few times and on our last visit wound up considering moving there.  While there we saw some homes and condos in Sosua and Cabarete and fell in love with the area.

We are currently looking to choose our lot in Residencial Casa Linda and begin building. We like the amenities of this project as well as the design and quality of the houses.

Short term we will be visiting frequently and renting the house in our absence.  Long term 2-3 years) we plan to move permanently.

We’d love to hear any advice and opinions you may have. Of most interest right now would be recommendations on where to purchase major appliances and furniture.  We also are considering a solar system for power. 

We’d also love to hear any other tips, and of course an opportunity to meet some great people our next time in the area.

Tripp and Nancy

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Not sure on our next visit, but probably within 30 days.  We need to look at lots in the new development and make choices.  We’ll contact you once we have plans!

Thanks for the connection. We’re anxious to learn more soon. No, we’ve never had that dish!


Welcome to the forums. There is a lot of info here. Take your time, read and ask question. We are here to help.

Thanks, we will!

Welcome to the north coast.  We actually will be almost neighbors.  We live just up the hill from you and have been here full time for 12 years.
Lots of stuff for you to read here an ask questions as you go.  It will be a lot easier to get info if you open a new thread with your questions.
You have lots of time to figure out where to get "stuff" for your new home.
Good luck and let me know if i can help with anything.

Bob K

Thanks Bob.  We just found this site and haven’t begun to see what all is here.  Looking forward to doing so.   Thanks again


Hello everyone,

Please note that some off-topic posts have been removed since this thread is only meant for the introduction of new members.

All the best,

Welcome, Jeff. I've visited Sosua once and did like it. It was of course beautiful and definitely allows for  a  bi polar lifestyle from what I saw. I've been here a couple months and have chosen to settle in Jarabacoa. Coming from the beaches of the Bahamas,  I've seen beautiful beaches. The peace and tranquility of the mountain has stolen my heart.  There are unbelievable real estate opportunities in Jarabacoa and Constanza, I'm currently in negotiations for a house  of similar size as yours that sits in a gated community atop a mountain and it will be priced in the low 200's.

Hi, So we just joined the forum thinking it will be a place to get our questions answered by people who have done exactly what we want to do. In the next few years we would like to move to the north coast of the D.R. We are still a bit too young to completely retire. My wife is an amazing hairstylist and I'm a millwright. Although my dream would be to own a small beachfront bar of some sort through I know from my many trips to the area is that there is already to many of these to make it profitable.
After much thought we have decided to start slow with a month stay next winter. Rent an apartment type place so we can experience something more authentic than the resort atmosphere. More of everyday life as it would be if we lived there. 
So I guess for the moment the only questions I have would be would it be profitable for my wife to do hairstyling in the D.R? My thought would be maybe be mobile and cater to expats in their own homes. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. And if anyone knows of a affordable gated community that we could stay at for a month to get a feel for what life would be like but also somewhere we could meet other expats that would share their story and experiences.
Thanks in advance and nice to be a part of the expat family😊

Welcome to all of you and thank you for background info.

Please start reading the various threads, lots of great info available. Ask your questions as needed and we will step up with info!!!

Remember to also come back and update us on your experiences as they unfold. 

I will ask you to start a thread with specific things you cannot find answers to, like the hairdresser question.

Thanks and welcome!

Welcome.  It sounds like you have a reasonable  plan in place.  It is always a good idea to spend sometime here "off the resort" to experience every day life.

There are multiple "gated communities" here on the north coast.  Are you looking to rent a villa or condo?

Read the various threads here and ask away.

Bob K

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