New members of the Belgium forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Dear all
Here is bobby  am 34 years old
I came from ethiopia
I already start living in belgium sint niklaas since march 2018 ...
And i also start working  ..trying to sittle down ...and am  looking forward to meet new people making friends .involving with some social activities ......

Hello All

I'm Helen and I'm moving to Brussels in September / October for work. I'll be working near DG Regio near Beaulieu / Demey Stations.

I'm moving along with my partner Darryl and our pet dog Yorrick.

Really pleased to see there are some other people on here who are also dog lovers. We are currently trying to find somewhere to live that accepts dogs. Any advice or connections anyone can help make would be really useful!

We are keen to do French classes / conversation when we arrive and during our time in Brussels so any tips on that front very welcome too. Look forward to catching up with you.

Many thanks, Helen

Hi.I am considering moving to Bruges as i fell in love with the City.I have been involved in sales/marketing and events management for over 25 years.I also speak English,Russian,Bulgarian . Would love to get any sales position that requires Russian,Bulgarian language or just any sales position in the beautiful city of Bruges.

Hi I am Carlo I am 28 and I am thinking about moving to Charleroi because I got a job offer. I speak basic French I have already been in Belgium in Liege for my master thesis and I would like to know more about Charleroi unfortunately I have heard only bad things about it I would like to know someone who lives there. How is it living there for young people ?

Hi everyone,
I am starting a new job in Brussels in September. I've been living in Australia for the past 7 years, but being British it's good to be a lot closer to home and less remote.
Moving has not been without it's challenges. Finding furnished accommodation wasn't easy but I have found something a bit larger than a shoebox. I did find a couple of ads on this site but they proved to be scammers - so beware.
I'm bringing an Australian partner with me, now what I need to know is - do they need a work permit?
I am an EU citizen so don't I wondered if the same extends to my partner.
Anyone who can help?


Hi all,

My name is Atanas, I am 31 years old form Bulgaria working in İzegem as project quality enginner. I was expat in Dublin recently moved to Belgium. I am looking for a rent possibly in Kortrijk or in Izegem. I am planning to stay here long time since i got a nice job. Please let me know if you or someone you know have a place for renting. I am also interested to make some frinds since i do not know anybody here. Thanks and take care.

Hello to everybody and good morning,
I'm now evaluating (and being evaluated) a company offer in Belgium (just outside Brussels). Before the last interview I'd like to better understand the cost of living and the average pay I should expect and more other details regarding the eventual move to Belgium

Thank you in advance

Hello everyone,

My name is Jakub. I'm 35, an IT Engineer from Czech Republic  I will be moving to live in Belgium, Luxembourg province in about two weeks. I will start a new job in Luxembourg (country) since the beginning of October.
Ideally, I would like to live in Arlon, but I'm struggling to find an accommodation, because I don't speak French (yet). So hopefully I'll find something suitable :-)
I really like hiking, so if anyone lives in that region and would like to explore Ardennes on foot, I am your guy :-)

Hi everyone, I'm Julien.
I live in Belgium, I'm a software developer. I have started learning both Japanese and
Korean by myself, and I would like to learn native speakers who decided to either
move to Belgium or are just staying some time here. I would like to help you with both
French and English, and have a chance to learn from you as well.

we are looking for men who want to work in Antwerp (Belgium) in horticulture from ocotober until end of december. We can provide an accomodation.
Please contact us if you want any further information.


hi everyone
i am khadam living in a belgium 11 years i can speak franch english and little bit nederlands i am serching a job i think that this site is for job but its ok anyone who want to know anything anyone who need help or information you can ask to me i will try my best to help them

Hi everyone, I'm Isa. I'm a graphic designer from the US looking to move to Belgium sometime next year (West Flanders) to live with my boyfriend, who's Belgian. I want to get as much information as possible about visas, moving, and getting a job while I prepare, as well as meet new people!

Hi Everyone,

I'm new and really don't know what to say.
But I live in Belgium, Leuven. I'm originally from Ghana.

I do computer assembling and repairs. Living here is nice.
Movies and football are my jam. A little round in the gym doesn't hurt either.

But people! Ooh people can be all sort things. Myself included.

By the way, if there is fun out there in Leuven, Brussels, Antwerp, and nearby, let me know. I'm ready to rumble.  :D  :lol:  :o  :sosad:



I'm a student International entrepreneurship at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent.
I'm currently looking for an expat to interview for a course.

I will need a maximum of 1h30min of your time somewhere in Belgium or via Skype to talk about your general experiences of doing business and living in other cultural environments etc.

Kind regards,

Hi All / Julien ,

Thank you for the invitation to join the forum .

I'm Rikaz and  from Colombo, Sri Lanka . I'm considering going to Belgium for my higher studies and came here to get some information about the country , culture, food and adaptability to life in Belgium for some one from Sri lanka .

Hello everyone,

My name is Brielle and I just moved to Bruges from the US. I'm still working on getting a job and a visa, which has been a very difficult process (if anyone has any tips, hit me up). I'm living with my boyfriend in the city center, which is nice but fairly expensive when it comes to shopping, etc. I want to meet people since I only know my boyfriend's family here. I speak a moderate level of French, but I want to get better!

I'm really glad I found this site, and I hope it will be a great resource in my journey.

My name is Hana :) , you would never guess right, and I am moving to Belgium in August. Hope to meet some off you nice people there, since this will be my first expat experience.

My pet and I are coming and are still in a search of a nice apartment and nice area with "green" field close by.

We welcome you to give us a shout  for a coffee, or a walk :) Friends are always welcome.

i love u all

Hello everyone,

I'm Gustavo from Brazil.

Recently got hired for an european company to work in Brussels. I must be moving in the end of Jan/2019.

I'm glad to see there is a lot of information in this forum.

Best Regards,

Hello All,

I have recently (about 10 days ago) moved to Brussels from India on an expat assignment.
Currently moved in alone and look forward to learning a lot about the country and the culture here.
I am also keen to travel across Europe as much as I can or as much the time permits.
Currently in the process of finalizing  my house and car.
I look forward to learning a lot from your experiences.


I'm trying to move to Flanders in the next year. I'm finishing up a program in network security here in the States and also learning web development. I very much want to move to be near the people I love, and so I'm studying Dutch and doing whatever I can to make connections for networking and finding jobs in the Flanders region.


I'm moving back to Brussels in a week - I'm saying back because I've lived there before.

Have been in Scotland, Edinburgh for the past 6 years, and that's not an easy place to give up. But I'm determined to get to know Brussels better this time round and make the most of it!

Hello , I’m from uk and looking to move to Belgium TOngeren area to be with partner that is born there .
I’m looking for any advice as possible at the moment finding a school for my son that is 13 and only English speaker is the important part .

cj0707 :

Hello , I’m from uk and looking to move to Belgium TOngeren area to be with partner that is born there .
I’m looking for any advice as possible at the moment finding a school for my son that is 13 and only English speaker is the important part .

Welcome to this forum.

Your question about schools has been asked dozens of times. Take the time to read the articles already published on this site.

English is not an official Belgian language. So apart from the European school in Brussels, there is not a purely English-speaking one. There are institutions that have a partial language immersion program. But except that, it will be necessary to adapt to the language of the region, ie the Flemish for the region of Tongeren (which is a beautiful region).

Like any parent, the future of your offspring is crucial. So take the opportunity to give him the chance to learn other languages. At the moment of globalization, it is imperative for our children.

He will of course have difficulties initially, but I guarantee you that he will speak Flemish ten times faster than you. Children have an incredible faculty of language adaptation.

So apart from the fact that it should not be scolded for the decline of its academic results but on the contrary motivate it, do not stress you.

Visit together the secondary schools of the region and let him choose the school where he will feel the desire to follow the teaching.

Hello , thank you for you’re reply. I want to put  him straight into local school as I want him to learn Dutch as much as possible. I just wanted advice if putting him into local only Dutch school would work or has worked for anyone as he will not understand the classes .

cj0707 :

Hello , thank you for you’re reply. I want to put  him straight into local school as I want him to learn Dutch as much as possible. I just wanted advice if putting him into local only Dutch school would work or has worked for anyone as he will not understand the classes .

My daughter (14) speak french-portuguese-english and my son (4) speak french-portuguese...

It is you who will sweat the most in Flemish learning.

Stay behind him and motivate him. With a little luck, he will find a girlfriend who will make him want to learn his language ...

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