New members of the Belgium forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Belgium forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Belgium if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!


I'm moving to Antwerp (probably) this month for work. I'm waiting for my work permit.

I've lived around the world. Most recently, I was in Japan for four years before doing my job hunting in Canada. I started learning Dutch when I got the offer. It will be somewhere between my eighth and twelfth language, depending on how you count.

I like space, programming, biking, hiking, cooking, and stargazing (among many, many other things). I also like meeting new people. When I lived in Kyoto, I hosted 101 people from around the world.

Right now, I don't know the exact date of my arrival, so I can't book an apartment yet, but I'm still looking around.

Hi. I'm moving in Brussels region in May, with my family.
I try to prepare my arrival, find a school for my 10 years son and find the right location for our accommodation.

Good morning!

Me, my husband and our two kids (6 and 2) just moved to Waterloo a few days ago.
I'm on a delegation for a german company for appr. 3 years.

To be able to participate in the daily life in Belgium as quickly as possible, we are looking for a French teacher or French classes for my husband, who doesn't speak French yet.

Furthermore, it would be interesting to meet other expats (families) from the Waterloo area.

So if it's you, feel free to contact us!


Hi, I'm Maryna Mai, i still consider my self as newbie ;) i am Indonesian.
This is my first message in this forum, Hello everyone  :)

I worked in Brussels starting from mid last year. I will move to Antwerp this June with my boyfriend. My work permit will be end on September 2018 and i would like to apply cohabitation visa before my work permit is end. Any info on this visa application ? now i register my self in Hoeilaart Commune.

Highly appreciated if anyone can share your experience and supporting document that might be needed or advice. This is my first time overseas and experience this stage of life. I don't know how difficult it might be, i try to be positive thinking after browse and read some reviews. :)

if anyone would travel to Indonesia, please feel free to ask me anything about my country, i would like to suggest the nice place and how to spend your time in Indonesia.

Maryna Mai

Hi all,

I'm Alex from Barcelona. I'm moving to Brussels next 1st of April to my new job. After summer it's planned to bring my family too.
I hope I will find new people here and there to share experiences.

See you!

Hi guys, I've been living in Leuven for the last two years. Happy to come in contact with other expats for friendships or professional collaborations.

Hello everybody,

I just moved to Brussels since early January. Im a doctor and coming her for a reseach for for a year. I  love to travel and keen to know more ppl in Brussels.

If there is any interesting event coming up, please let me know i might be interested to join! 


Hello everyone,

I am moving to Brussels with my family (husband and 2 kids - 5 year old daughter and 5 months old son). My husband will be working for Belgian company, and I will start taking care of the family before I get back to work when the sone grows a bit older.

I will need a lot of your advice on schooling, housing, extra curricular activities for my kids, etc, as well as will be happy to participate in social activities.

Greetings and salutations,

I'm María. I will be moving to Brussels from London, but I am originally from Puerto Rico. I will be joining my husband, who is working there in the European Commission.
I work online as an ESL teacher and am also in the process of finishing my thesis (culture policy and management).
I enjoy talking politics over beer, learning new languages, petting dogs, goth parties, drag shows, graphic novels, and other fun stuff (like any of those? hmu!)

I am basically a child in an adult's body, and Brussels seems like such a 'grown-up' city... I'm freaking out. I hope that I can make new friends and find fun things to do here. :)

Hello there, I'm George, just moving to Brussels for now and then, for work reasons. As it is very cold these days, I am also looking for just some company, e.g. restaurants, bar, museum visits, and for anybody who's interested in sports, I'm your man, especially in running and swimming.  I enjoy talking about basically every subject, and just want to make the most out this new place, with other people.  Know some good African restaurants!

Hi Julien, thank you I just joined just like many others.  Do you know if there is something like a 'welcome' drink or meeting sometime?  OK, regards, George

My name is Mitchell and I am currently based in Brussels and looking to set up here permanently!

I have spent the last few years travelling, most of which was spent in New Zealand where I was a Bar and Restaurant manager in tourist spot based in the South Island mountains!

I love to learn new things and am currently embarking on the quest to learn French as my partner is from France! This is one of the reasons we chose beautiful Belgium as it will enable me to practice as much as I can!

I'm trained to teach English as a foreign language and will ideally be able to get plenty of experience not only in teaching but in learning.

I like music of almost any genre and I will be keeping a keen eye open for live music happenings in the city.  I'm particularly partial to folk, acoustic and rock but I'm open minded when it comes to the experience.

I enjoy sports of all kinds but I have a passion for football, both watching and playing.  I hope to explore as much as I can in this amazing city and am already enamoured by the architecture it has to offer so I cant wait to see more.

My primary aim is to find work, something that is proving difficult but I'm sure there are many members that can point me in the right direction.

I'm looking to share my interests with those who share my passions and make some great new friends along the way!


I loved to Antwerp two weeks back. I work with [at]masasin , by the way (hi [at]masasin !). Getting my apartment underway and getting settled at work.

This is my first expat experience and I'm both excited and scared.

Hi everyone!

My name is Zeshan (Z for short), I will be moving to Brussels in August 2018 for a year to pursue my higher studies! I’m looking for any inside information you guys have, I want to meet new people and make new friends as this will be my first time abroad?, I’m originally from the US (New York).  As of now I’m just waiting on to apply for student visa which will happen around May and June. I am looking for accommodations, preferably roommates as I hate living alone! If you guys have good places to visit please share as I want to enjoy my time in Belgium and perhaps Europe itself! I am open to anything and everything, I flow with the boat, not a picky person at all.

Best Regards

Hi, Im Sri. I am considering moving to Ghent from India, and have a good number of questions - since I have two children aged 10 and 12. I need information on education in Belgium, especially in the local schools in Flanders, and want to estimate the effort the children will need to put in, to succeed in their studies (due to the change in language - they are good at English, but dont know Dutch).

Other than that, I would like to network here.

Best regards

Hello All, My name is Mukesh and I have recently taken up assignment in Antwerp. This will be my first Expat assignment, so lot of anxiety and excited to explore new things. We come from India and will be moving to Antwerp in May. We could secure admission of my son (12) in International school at Antwerp. Ofcourse learning Dutch will be good opportunity for three of us.

Other than that looking forward to network here.

Best Regards,

Hi everyone,

My name is Marina and I am looking to live in Leuven.  I am currently here for 90 days, then going back to Canada and attempting to reside here afterwards with a cohabitation visa (my boyfriend is Belgian) and live and work in Belgium.

I am looking for any English jobs in the communications field, so if you know of any, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Hi All! :)
Thank you for invitation and accepting to the group!
I moved to Belgium to live with my boyfriend. IT is in Charleroi, Wallonia. He has a job.
I am looking for job for myself and also for making new friends and seeking some socializing opportunities! :D Please let me know if you know about something and if some of you are in Charleroi, I`d love to meet for a coffee :D

Hi all.
I am a Filipina and I arrived here in Belgium 3 weeks ago. And now living here in Putte. I just want to know some filipina living also here.
Thank you.

Hi everyone.
Im Junaliex from Philippines. I have a Belgian boyfriend and plan to get married in Belgium this year as soon as the paperworks are done. He is from Tienen. I visited Belgium last dec-feb and seen a lot in the country and other nearby countries.
Im open to get to know other people and make friends from Belgium.

I'm from Nigeria just got married I'm planning to move to Belgium to work and live there with my wife. Please advice me what to do


I recently got married and moved to Antwerp from Mumbai, India. My husband has been here for about 2 years. I'm on a Type D dependant visa which allows me to work. I'm looking for part time work in digital marketing while I learn Dutch.

It would be great to meet people from different walks of life going through similar changes.


I'm Mark, I am a martial arts instructor/gym owner from Yorkshire in England. My wife is dutch and has been approached for several jobs in the Antwerp area and is likely to be offered a couple of roles within the next month.

As such its highly likely that we will move and I will be seeking advice on how best to get a job in the area as an Expat.

My dutch is ok, as in my tourist dutch is ok and I can understand what is being said most of the time, but I am not so confident with my spoken dutch; I could certainly get by if I were to get lost ha!

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be fantastic.


Hello everyone,

My name is Christa, new in Belgium. I visited Brussels for the first time in 2010 and there after visited many other places in the Flanders in 2017. I am married to a Belgian and i now live in the Flanders. I hope to meet people from different cultures for friendship and occasional meeting up for coffee or barbecue :)

Hello i am puji.  new in belgium. Living in ghent. I am from indonesia. I just know english. I am here because my boyfriend living here. I came to belgium 2 weeks ago.  Hope i can find friends here.

Best regards

Good morning Everyone

I was appointed to an IT project based in Brussels yesterday. It is scheduled to last 600 days. I'm expecting to start in late June/early July.

This is will the 1st time I have worked in Europe. I've been leading Content Management projects in the UK for many years, and worked in Education there for more years than I care to count  :) .

My immediate priority is to find a furnished studio flat in Brussels. I've been looking at several online sites. I'd be grateful for any advice the forum can offer me.

My wife and I are on holiday in Paris at the end of May, and will come to Brussels for a day on either 30th or 31st May.

Best Wishes
David G

Hello Everyone,

This is Elif. I'm moving to Brussels this week with my husband and my pet. I'll be working for an Apparel company. I had lived in Brussels for a year to study master tho, but still there is a lot to discover as a professional:) Now, looking for a temporary place to stay for a month (before our stuffs arrive). So if you hear anything rather than the post we have here, I'd be so happy.

Pleased to find this forum which seems really helpful,
I wish you the best,



I'm Victoria and I'm from Poland. Silesia more specifically. I'm 20.

I've always dreamed of living in the low countries and I'm planning to move to Belgium this summer. Ideally my destination is Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges but since I don't know the language yet I'm gonna have to settle on the north east since there are jobs there for people who have no education and don't know Dutch such as yours truly ._.

I was originally planning to move after getting my English Philology bachelor but it changed to this summer since I grew to hate that degree and because of some tensions with my parents.

I'm an mtf trans woman too and Belgium seems infinitely better for lgbt people than Poland.

Hi, Im Colombian Living in Oud-Turnhout. Im 31 years old. If you are latina :) text me, we can do something, we have a nice group of girls who will make you feel comfortable, specially if you are just living here.


Hi everyone. My family and I moved to Waterloo in November when I took a job with an international organisation. Our children (2 girls, 9 and 11 years) attend school outside of town and we are looking for local families with children their age who they could play with. We are also interested in groups or events for expats in the area.

Hello All,
                   Originally from Durham, England - I am moving to Brussels on 25th June to lead on a  contract for a Global company. I am very much looking forward to settling into the role and the way of life there... I am going to take my language skills one step at a time!

I would be interested in any regular meetings 'down the pub' etc.


Hi guys,

My name is Maria :) , you would never guess right, and I am moving to Belgium in August. Hope to meet some off you nice people there, since this will be my first expat experience.

My pet and I are coming and are still in a search of a nice apartment and nice area with "green" field close by.

We welcome you to give us a shout  for a coffee, or a walk :) Friends are always welcome.

Hello everyone,

I'm Brazilian and I'm moving with my partner and my three dogs from Brazil to Genk, Belgium, in August this year. I work in the stainless steel business and I'm entering a 2-year expat program within the company I work for.

This community is already providing me with some very helpful pieces of information, let's keep it going that way ;)

Besides experiencing the frituurs, chocolates and amazing Belgium beer I look forward to get to know other expats in Belgium =)

See you!


Hi Jorge,

My dog and I will join the nice people in Belgium in August as well.

I am interested to hear about your experiance with moving in Belgium with dogs (you can msg me please)

Wish you guys the best of time in this chocholate world :-)

Hi Maria!

Nice to hear you are also bringing your dog to Belgium! I don't know about you but for me, the paperwork was not easy to organize (not cheap also!). But everything will be ready in July so they can come with us.

It was also not easy to find an apartment or house which allow pets. It is funny because I saw a lot of people with dogs on the streets, restaurants, trains and everywhere when I was in Belgium, but when it comes to renting a place, there is another story... Anyway, after a lot of searching a help from Belgium people, we managed to find a place.

I see you are coming from Serbia, right? What motivates you to move?
In which city of Belgium you are planning to live?


Hello to everyone!

I am from Greece ,27 year old man,and i have a master in Veterinary medicine from a Greek university.I have 3 years of working experience in small animals.I also speak French and English.I would like to move to belgium in a French-speaking town(i don know exctly where it depends from the job opportunities).
I would like to know if my degree needs to be recognised in Belgium if i want to apply for a job and also how possible do you think it is for me to find a job as a vet in Belgium?

Thank you very much


My name is Christy, and my husband and I stayed in Belgium for 2 weeks last year on our honeymoon. At the expense of maybe sounding a little frivolous, we fell deeply in love with this country.

We are currently exploring options for employment and/or higher education study from abroad. I work in administration, and while my French has gotten somewhat poor, I expect to be adequately proficient again by the end of the year (as well as at least have basic proficiency in Dutch).

Our hosts always joked about how much Belgium loved bureaucracy, and they certainly weren't kidding! We are veritably «à la case départ» in this process - I know it will be a very trying undertaking that will take a lot of time and effort (and perhaps some tears as well), but I look forward to making that journey. I'm thankful that a resource like this exists and that there seems to be such a welcoming and supportive community!

Hello to everyone!

   I would like to ask some questions about the life in Ghent. I come from Greece and I have 3 children(2 daughters at the age of 14 and 11 and a son 10 years old) with my wife.I do not own diplomas but I have a driving lisence for motorcycles and for cars. I am 53 years old and I am willing to a job without special  degrees just like my wife. She is 42 years old and she did not study in a university.
  Since we come from Greece, we do not know the spoken language in Ghent and we have to deal with this problem to introduce ourselves into the community of Ghent.
   May you help us?

Hello everyone,

We are living in Brussels since January. My husband is working in Brussels and I am about to complete my master study. Afterwards, I am planning to work here as well.

We would really like to meet with other expats in the city. Is there any expat meeting you join?

I wish you all a very pleasant work/study or say living experience in Belgium! :)

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