:) Looking for a flat to share...!!!

Hi guys!

I'll be in HK for an internship from the last few days of April and I'm looking for a flat to share for about 3 months..is someone looking for a flatmate??


Hi Paola,

you should also post in the classifieds > flat share ;)

Thanks 4the advice Julien!!

I'll do it right now... :)

Paola, may I know what your budge & location is, please? i can check it up with my friends.

I'd like to find an house on HK island, not so far away from wan chai, cos I should work there. I know the rent is high in this period but my budget is at max 4500HKD, bills included.
Thanks for ur help!!

there are a few sites which usually come handy for these kinds of things: like asia expat, geo expat and especially, gumtree. worth taking a look

looking for a flat in last week of august 2011. Small flat to adjust me and my wife.
Want rental flat for 1 year within price range of 2500HK$

@Paol@ ciao Paola,  did you find a flat to share?  Ciao Laura

@Paol@    hi did you find a flat to share?

Hello L28,

Welcome !

Please note that this thread is from 2011 and that the member has long been offline.

If you are looking for flatshare, please create an advert in the Housing in Hong Kong section.

All the best


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