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My name is Kushal. I live in New Delhi, India. I am looking forward to settle in Canada. I have a Bachelors Degree from the University of Delhi. I am a working professional; have 8 years of experience in the Service Industry ( Banking firm). In my current role, I am Quality Analyst ( Project Management, Six Sigma). Someone has recommended 'Prince Edward Island' to me. It would be really helpful, if somebody from this platform could suggest me how is the life like in Prince Edward Island, job opportunities, weather conditions, pocket friendliness?

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try to find out job vacant in some web..there are a lot of opportunities.

Prince Edward Island is the smallest Canadian province with a population of under 200,000 people. There are two main "cities", Charlottetown and Summerside. Neither can be mistaken for large urban centres. The nearest "big"(ger) city is Halifax, 3-4 hours away.

The people on PEI are friendly, curious about foreigners and generally welcoming. Some have difficulty understanding English when spoken with an accent, but will do their best. The climate is very nice during the summer months, rarely exceeding 25 degrees Celsius (occasionally it goes up over 30) and the winters are milder than Toronto or the Prairies, but can get very cold with the wind chill (-35C). Look up Nor'easters, to get an idea of what the storms are like. Much of the province shuts down for the winter (mostly from Labour Day in September until the May long weekend - Victoria Day) with only Charlottetown operating "as usual". Summerside does have businesses that stay open (grocery stores banks, etc,) but many restaurants close for the winter season. 

Compared to the rest of Canada buying a house can be inexpensive, but rent doesn't seem to match the housing trend. (It's still less expensive than the large Canadian cities.) Other things can be more expensive, as transportation to the Island costs more than delivering items to the mainland. There is also an economy of scale meaning that less people have less buying power, making things more expensive. I found work easily, but had a much needed skill set at the time. As another person commented, you'd do well to search the online job boards for PEI. Many jobs are still related to farming and fishing, with some high tech opportunities as well as customer service/sales.

So, life on the "Island" is pleasant, except if you have a long commute in the winter (which can run from October to May), you can likely live decently off of $4000 a month (after taxes) that's a ball park and an average, costs are much higher in the winter than in the summer), and for full disclosure, we owned our home outright. For some job availability  is good and for others, more challenging. (For you, there aren't any head offices for financial institutions in PEI, so you would likely be looking at working in a branch, or transferring your skills to another field, if possible.) Hope that helps.

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