Solo traveller visiting Hurghada - March 2018


I am a solo traveller arriving in Hurghada on 7-3-18 for 10 days.

If there is any other solo travellers around the Hurghada area at that time maybe we could hangout/grab a coffee or do some trips.

If anyone has any advise on what to do or where to visit whist I am there, it would be most appreciated.


Male, 35 years old, English

Hi Adam

Hurghada is a great place with lots of things to do, but it can also be a minefield. I lived there for 3 years so have a good knowledge of the place.

Be careful when you book excursions such as snorkeling trips, quad biking in the desert etc as there are some operators that are not at all safe or trustworthy.
I would be inclined to book through hotels with their operators even if it can be a little more expensive.
However, having said that if you meet expats living in Hurghada they can give you the best advice.

Many expats hang out at the Retro Pub in Hurghada and also the Caribbean Bar - both of these are in the main area of Hurghada which is Sheraton Street.

I am giving you a Facebook link to an Expat group in Hurghada that you could join and then post all your questions and possibly make contacts with before you go.

I will also give you the links to the Caribbean Bar and Retro Pub.
Tripadvisor is a good place to look for activities in Hurghada and you will also get reviews for them which is helpful.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions    - Expat group


Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message its most appreciated.

I've checked out the links you've sent me, Hurghada looks a beautiful place to visit.
Thank you for the advice on booking the trips normally I just book with whichever company I see first but I think i'll do a bit of research on them before book any trips.

I would like to go deep sea fishing but I am struggling to find any boats that still operate, I know its not possible to go deep sea fishing in Sharm El Sheikh so i'm guessing Hurghada is probably the same.

Thanks again


Hi Adam

I do believe they do fishing charters from Hurghada. There are some reputable companies that run out of El Gouna and are often owned and operated by expats.

However, with the downturn in tourism a couple of years ago quite a few companies went under.

Post  your questions on the expat Facebook site as I am sure you will get good advice and recommendations.

Research for trips like that is a good idea as safety standards in Egypt are not good and there are many bad operators.

Here is a Facebook link for the Red Sea Bulletin - they also have a website. It is a great magazine for 'what's on' in Hurghada


Hi Adam, i may visit Elgouna for a few days by that time so hopefully we can meet you have Facebook to keep in touch?

Thanks again Jennifer,

You have been so helpful and i’m most greatful. I was a little worried that i may get a little bored for 10 days on my own but looking through the links you have sent now i’m wondering If 10 days will be enough.

That's great Adam - you are welcome :)


you're welcome in Egypt

i recommend for you to check couchsurfing, you will find both local and tourists who visiting hurghada during your stay.



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