Boxing Gym in Heliopolis?

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a good boxing gym for ladies within Heliopolis?


Me too! I've also been searching for one..I would love to find a kick boxing gym for ladies.

As far as I know, there's one elite boxing gym in 6th October, but that's just too far for me.
I hope anyone can recommend a decent boxing gym in or near the Heliopolis neighborhood.:)

I think world Gem in front of El Merryland has a section for boxing try to google it and call to know.

wish you good luck in your search

Yeah I found World Gym, thank you. They offer kick boxing classes but not the classic boxing lessons. Either way, I'm good with both. Thank you :-)

You are very welcome

i will ask for you in some gyms for ladies only such as, Smart Gym, Shake 'n' Shape, La Vie, Hers, Gym House, Gold's Gym, Pro Gym, Curves Gym.

As they give most classes there but i am not sure if Boxing is common.

and in case you can go to any other area, there are in Maadi and New Cairo (Tagamoa Khames).......etc..

you can find in naser city its near helipoles!!

there is a place called Fight Club in Heliopolis. you can look up their info on google.

Thank you! :-)

i want classical boxing too , i think Goldy's gem does ?

Hi there,

For the ladies who were asking about boxing classes.

Allow me to give you three small tips, out of my solid background of practicing self-defense.

1- Firstly if you are a beginner,
and wanna take such classes because you do not feel safe these days in Egypt, so I advise you to take pure self-defense classes (S.D).

S.D classes will train you on real situations (attacks) including grabling, chokes, and knife/gun disarming and how to deal with them.

On the other side, martial arts/Boxing do not work all the time, specially here in Egypt unless you are very professional.

This because for one reason, Egyptian bullies are always surprising "use different ways all the time" and usually use knifes. This will not allow you to use your martial arts, unless you are very professional as I mentioned before, so you need simple and non-traditional techniques.

The other reason, they are already expecting you to punch or kick, becasue the wide spread of MMA.

2- Secondly if you are an athlete and already a boxing practitioner,
I also recommend you to consider S.D. Your boxing back ground will improve your S.D. skills as fast as you will never expect.

This is because many of self-defense moves “getting out of the line of fire” by taking boxer steps. This means that if you are a boxer practitioner you have almost half of the S.D. skills which are the foot works.

3- Finally, "training girls with guys is recommended in martial arts/S.D ....etc" to get the required toughness. This is why you will lose an advantage if you take only femal boxing classes. Your training will not simulate the real situations as in most of the cases attackers are males.

Where to find S.D classes:
Out of an extensive survey in Egypt there only two places are fairly teaching S.D.

One place in Cairo (optimum gym in Maadi and you can follow this link to get more info

The other is a private Egyptian instructor (who worked with the Russian army and officially teaching in Alexandria Sporting Club). He is teaching "Systema" S.D technique, which is the Russian S.D.

Wish you good luck
Stay safe ladies.


there is boxing classes in PRO center gym in nasr city

Where in New Cairo please?

Yes you're right. With the situation now in Egypt it's just right to learn SD instead.
Thank you so much for the info and advice.

Hello everyone :)) i have lived in Heliopolis for 20 years so i know a lot :D and since you are asking about a fight club for self defence so from my experience the best one is tap out , it gives mma kickboxing  jui jitso and a lot of other classes in a safe non competitive  environment and i know the owners personally very nice guys just tell them that you know me "bassam emam" and they will give special rates the address is right beside Heliopolis hospital square for further info just ask me hope these info help you all :)