House hunting in northern cyprus


I am Turkish Cypriot so know the island well. I live in the UK at the minute with my British girlfriend. Her Dad is interested in buying a property in TRNC so we are visiting next weekend for 3 days so that we can show him the different areas and look at property.

I know which bits to show him in terms of tourist attractions etc and he will stay with my parents so will get an idea of Turkish Cypriot life but if he were to buy, it would probably be in an expat area so that he could make friends etc and settle if he were to move here whilst we are still in the UK.

So, any advice on Expat life would be appreiated. Areas to visit? Particular estate agents to contact? We initially want somewhere he could possibly get rental from for the next couple of years until he retires but then somewhere that he could spend a few months at a time after that. Any particular restuarnats or cafes to visit to get chatting to other expats whilst we are visiting so we can ask questions?

Thanks in advance.

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