Rehiring programe for foreign worker

Hi, anyone know when is the next rehiring programe for foreign worker? Because i the previous programe ended at 31 december 2017

It's been ongoing and is still ongoing - the reason being the employers have not cooperated fully and registered their workers.

That programme is for workers who are undocumented and have been illegally working in Malaysia in the past.

In August 2016 new immigration rules were put in place about people being hired for jobs having to be outside Malaysia while the process is ongoing. That of course makes deportation easier.

The rehiring programme Is for foreign workers who:

"Should have started
working with present
employer before
15 September 2015" … 17%201.pdf

But i go putrajaya ask, and they say the deadline already pass which is 31 december 2017 for the rehiring program

There are still many workers in process of getting their employment pass. That is what I meant by ongoing. But I agree no new applications can be made.

Anyone who came to work after August 2016 will just be deported as they didn't stay outside Malaysia and apply in the required way. The rehiring was to legalise those people who arrived before.

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