How to get a police clearance / good conduct certificate in Bahrain?

These are different things. Ask the Jordanian embassy to clarify what's needed.


My sister in Bahrain is attempting to get police clearance for immigration purposes, but the cid is requesting an noc from her employer since her employer is the government hospital.  The hospital is refusing to provide letter, but my sister is employed for several years already at the hospital.

Will she need to submit notice to receive the noc? We aren't sure how long the immigration visa will take to actually get, but the gcc is needed now.  Will she be able to do this once she is no longer employed if her employer will not give noc, but while she is still in Bahrain? Or is it better for her to return to the Philippines to apply for police clearance from the Bahrain embassy in Manila?

Could we obtain the gcc for some other reason that would not require an noc?

Sponsor NOC is needed for certain purposes and for certain employers.  She can get it if she is not employed by them without NOC BUT her visa needs to be cancelled for that to happen.


My parents worked and lived in Bahrain in from mid 70s to 1990 and returned to India. Now I am applying Green Card for them in USA and a good conduct certificate/ Police certificate from Bahrain is required for both of them.

My parents did not have CPR number during their time in Bahrain. But while my cousin went to apply Good Conduct Certificate in Adilya for my parents, they are asking for my parents  CPR number. What to do?

My cousin has all the visa entries for my parents, letter stating she will collect the Good conduct certificate, my parents passports used in the 70s and 80s. My parents do not have a CPR number that was given to them during their stay in Bahrain? Was CPR number called differently in the 80s. Please help!

I have no idea if there was a CPR in the 80s or not.  But try to look at the visa for a field called personal number - that is the CPR number.    If it doesn't work then you need to find an agent or a PRO who speaks Arabic to go with you to explain the situation and ask for what needs to be done to get this clearance.

I applied good conduct application for Germany immigration purpose. i am waiting from 2 weeks.
They are not responding properly on calls.
I heard that bilateral relation is most important between both countries and if it is down trends then also they are delayed. Is it true??
and it depends on nationality too.
Please reply.

Many Thanks for your information.

Bilateral relations is not a big factor in police clearance.  Your nationality is.

Thank you XTang.

my application returned because CID Bahrain changed policy to minimum stay requirements to 24 months in Bahrain to issue Good conduct certificate.
My stay was 11 months in Bahrain.

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