Job offer in bahrain with no accommodation

I have got a job call for bahrain today, i am currently into sales and marketing and have 6.5 years of job experience in total, they are offering me 750 BD inclusive of car,driver but no accommodation. I was searching about the accommodation and as per my research its quite costly. I dont know what to do, if i will ask for more package then if they reject me,

Do you mind sharing a flat? what condition do you accept living in?

If you want something for yourself without sharing it...plan at least 150-200 BHD per month. That's minimum

Furnished studios in prime areas can go 400+

Thanks for the reply, i will surely look for the economic  accommodation  or else leaving a job without proper saving will be of no use

Also remember that from 1-1-2018 VAT taxes are going to become effective along with electricity and water price increase.

So in case you're negotiating - make sure your rent covers utilities or else you're looking on 30-40 BHD extra on top of your monthly rent.

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