Football aka футбол

Приветствую, Hello, Hola, Bonjour!!

  I have been in Kyiv since September and I am having a great time. A few friends and I are playing in a football league every weekend. We need a goalkeeper urgently. We are also looking for a few new recruits any nationality welcome. But we want people who are committed to playing every week. 6 a side, 50 minute matches.

Contact me if you are interested.

Best wishes


Welcome on alex ;)

Nice sportive initiative. I will suggest you to post an advert as well on the Community section>Sports partner of Kiev Classifieds page.

This may help you as well.!

Thank you Yud. I shall do as you said!


Hi alex,

Nice initiative,i suggest you to form a group,this will help to share something with group.

Hi i have just moved to Kiev

I am also looking for a team to play for on a weekend, if you guys are still playing and looking for players please let me know



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