Good Parties

Hi Blogers,

I am moving to Kiev in 2 weeks time and was wondering how to be aware of the good parties to go to in the capital??

I dont really know anybody there yet, I am french national....



Are asking about parties at night clubs?


Yep indeed either in Night Clubs or Bars...


The easiest option for you is to go to Arena in the downtown. This is a complex of pubs, cafes, restaurants and clubs.

better party in france for find normal girls . arena is full of prostitute asking 100$ or more . you ll be disapointed ....

Eeewww try this website, but it's in Russian.

Or this... in English

Hi Guys, thanks for sending, those seem to be pretty cool.....what about Bhudda Bar and D'Lux, would you recommend? I am not so much in clubs where you have to pay for girls....


Never been to D'Lux but I know a couple of people who've made good comments bout this place. Buddah bar's nice as far as I know but I was there last in 2010, hope it's still the same or even better than it was.

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