Sightseeing in Ukraine

Hello! Ukraine is not all about Euro-2012 and politics ) I'll be glad to help anyone with sightseeing in Ukrainian cities or just useful practical information about sights here - both most prominent and less talked-up. Please fell free to write me )

Hi Ederlezi,

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Can you tell us more about you and give us some informations about sightseeing in Ukraine?

Thank you.

Sure, Christine. I'm a local journalist living in Kiev, and as I've travelled a lot through Ukraine it seems to me that sometimes it's a kind of a challenge for foreigners to get to the most interesting places in Ukraine. Apart from Lviv, Kiev and, probably, some of the most known sights like fortress in Kamyanets-Podilskyi you won't find signs in English in the cities or proper information in the web. And there are so much places worth of seeing – e.g. Odessa catacombs, dozens of fortresses in small towns of Central Ukraine, a lot of interesting post-Soviet places like after-Cold War museum of Strategic Missile Troops or secret submarine base in Balaklava in Crimea. I'd be glad to help and share information if anyone is interested in visiting such attractions.

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