Expats living in Kiev/ Odessa


My name is Sam and currently live in Toronto Canada. I am single guy in my late 20s and planning a vacation trip to Kiev and Odessa in mid june. Since its my first time and i only speak english, i am little worried about not being able to communicate with the locals and get lost in the cities. I like to connect with english speaking people who currently live their to get some insight on their experience and travel tips.

Maybe i can make few friends and host you next time you visit Toronto.

Looking forward hearing from you

Hello Sam,

The idea about swapping apartments is rather interesting:)

Not many people in Ukraine speak good English but in Kiev you must not face big problems with getting lost. Most of the young generation speak at least some English. My friend from the US has lived here for 2 years and does not speak any Ukrainian or Russian.

Thus do not worry, come and enjoy.

Hmm i never said anything about swapping apartments ;)

Thats good to know...thank you for your response

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