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Hello everyone,
Im new to forum.
I hope you can help me, I'm looking to go to Ukraine and spend a year there with my future wife. She is Ukrainian and wanted to stay in Ukraine rather than move to the UK with me. We both teach English which we would like to continue while we are there. I have more than enough money to support us for well over a year.
I have been coming over once a month for a long weekends and this Christmas for 2 weeks.
But I'm looking at giving up my job here and moving over with her, eventually getting married and then to settle down in the western side of the Ukraine.
I have been on many websites, but I'm also hearing that there are lot of scams out there, and not to give any money before I know they are legit.
So I decided to come on these forums and find out from British guys already there And could point me in the right direction.

hello Karl

if you do things correctly its a breeze and not that expensive. There are a lot of people saying its hard its impossible, takes ages, costs an arm and a leg and on its goes.
The easiest way to do this without any hick ups and costs is as follows.
firstly get married.
return to the UK and apply for a D visa.
the day your visa starts go to ukraine
then go to ovir in Ukraine.
bobs ya uncle.

ok sounds easy. IT IS. i did every thing in that order all in 20 days. There is a lot of paperwork that's needed but make a list and its easy. it really is.
The main important thing you must not do is OVER STAY. if you do you will not be permitted to stay, trust me, a friend of mine who has 7 figures in the bank overstayed, tried to get back in and was banned for 2 years . Do not pay your way in. Do it properly and its easy, hassle free, and cheap as chips. The big cost is the D visa in England. at the time of writing is £1464.00 which i believe will go up in February.
For yourself as a teacher it will be so easy, but don't get sucked in to teach for free in order to gain a visa. When winter comes contracts get cancelled and you are give 90 days to leave.
If you need any other help please feel free to ask

living in Odessa

Thanks Martin for your reply,

I've been scouring the Internet and keep coming across websites,  forums and Internet gossip.
But nobody could give me a defined answer until now, so thanks very much mate.

Would it be possible to apply for a year long  visa now, then marry Yala within that year?
And do I have to come back to the UK to apply for the D licence or could I do it while I'm there?
I was going to contact the Ukrainian Embassy in London to ask these similar questions.

And you're quite right, I will be doing everything by "The Book" as I don't want to mess up and be banned from entering the country.

One more thing Martin, once we are married would it be a lot easier for Yala to gain entry into the UK?  as it's an absolute pain in the ass at the moment.

And with Brexit looming.. .... will life be easier or will get alot worse?

Sorry mate, lots of Qs


good morning Karl

Firstly to get a year visa without being married you need the following

An invite to work free and to bear all costs yourself by a company, school, or state run institute. Most jobs like this wish you to work 5 to 7 days about 5 hours a day, or if your are part of a  religious  group that is permitted here. I think though that this is not for you.

The easy way , cheap, and 100% correct. Is get married. To make life easy , get married in the Ukraine. Its easy can be done in two weeks if you prep your documents first and costs about £45 pounds here and about £60 in the UK. This opens a lot of doors and makes life easy.
Even if you did find a group to have you here it will still cost you £1464.00 for a D Visa, some groups will pay but not many.
Once married you can apply for a visa, but while applying you must be out of the Ukraine , and be warned you will have no passport during this time. The forums are full of misleading information, yes you could go to moldova it will still cost the same plus a fast handling fee anything up to £1000 on top.
You will need to take your good lady with you and i guess your Russian is a bit  well limited.

or do in the UK earn a little bit more cash, get your visa and book ya flight. it takes 10 working days in the UK, the Ukrainian Embassy (consulate) is not very helpful. If you both wish to be outside of the Ukraine, later on. Its a breeze for them to get to Europe know, for us brits, well your guess is better than mine, but i think its going to be hell.


Hi Karl,

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I created a new topic as from your post on the Ukraine forum. Do not hesitate to ask your questions here.

Thank you,

I posted earlier but it did not go. On wife visa u need to show income per month in excess of £2k for last 6 months minimum or have minimum £72k in your bank for 6 months without touching it. Also visa cost is about £2k. Best to get a UK immigration lawyer to help with the visa as law changes all the time. Their Fee is about £500. All in all not so easy to get this now.

Personally, Ukraine is so much better and cost less to live here and we have not bothered with a wife visa as we have no intention of living there permanently.

Hi All

Im a newbee here looking to visit Ukraine using the VOA I'm wondering if it would be possible to further extend my stay post landing in Ukraine

Martin is a very knowledgable guy here, but my experience this year with regards to obtaining a Visa based on Marriage has been a bit different.

I also learned about the 90 day rule back in January of this year. I had already proposed to my partner and set a date for our wedding in August. When I looked into the requirements of a visa based on marriage, I was told that we would need to wait for 2 years after the marriage to apply for a visa based on our marriage. I actually ended up talking to a company who specialises in immigration to Ukraine, because there was so much conflicting information on the internet...

So, for now, I live in Ukraine based on a Work Permit. That has given me a 3 year Temporary Residency Permit. My plan is to apply for a Visa and Permenant Residency Permit based on marriage towards the end of my Work Permit/Residency Permit.

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