New soon-to-be expat in Ukraine

Hello, I am new here and would like to introduce myself.  My name is Doug Cook or Bernard D. Cook from Birmingham, AL USA, and I have spent a good bit of time in Ukraine in '16 and '17 and am planning on going back next month (yes, I know it's getting cold) to do a little more scouting.  I stayed there before in Odessa, last year even in the dead of winter....sooooo cold!!  Traveled around the country a bit but found Odessa more exciting and friendly than other places. This I suppose is because they are used to having lots of tourists there because of the Black Sea.  I am going to rent a hotel for a month or so since it is soooo cheap, and go back to my favorite tourist haunt, the Biergarten in the City Garden in the central part of City Centre.  Here I met ppl from all over the world and most actually spoke English, including the great bartenders!  I became friends with a couple of them outside their work and was actually invited to attend a Ukrainians only group for English-speaking practice, a group where all they spoke was English in order to sharpen their skills.  If anyone is a part of the expat community there or say, Kyiv or L'viv, which I hear is just gorgeous, I would like to meet you when I arrive.  Selfishly, it would do me a world of good to connect and not feel like I'm only America there.  Thanks for any info you would like to share, especially your favorite hotel.  Last two times I stayed at Hotel Mozart across from Opera House and found it satisfactory but nothing to write home about, but it WAS very convenient to almost everything.  Cheers!!!

Hello there

I am Martin and from UK but know live in Odessa , well in fact Chernomorsk. Just outside Odessa, I agree with what you say, most people here are very friendly due to to cosmopolitan view in the area, as to hotels, i know nothing, as we have our own place.
If you get stuck or need help feel free to ask, and we will see if we can help. Enjoy your future trip/


Thanks Martin!  Appreciate your reply!  I am looking for a Russian language school which preferably offers group classes, as I perform better, learn faster. I am also looking for an English-speaking lawyer who doesn't prey on Westerners as well as a medical clinic that has a higher level of service than state-run facilities & has English-speaking Drs.  Sorry for so many requests but never know w/o asking.  Thank you! Can you pm on this site?

Russian language i cant help as the preferred language is know Ukrainian and English. Most if not all good solicitors, will have a translator if they cant speak English themselves. Intosana has some of the best facility's in the Ukraine, its will cost about $4000 a year with your status.
Depending where you intend to be the cost can differ widely..
if you need anything else feel free to ask

you must remember you will be on a visa thats why its costly


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