Bringing my dog to Vienna

hi guys! i'm a 2nd year university student and i'm thinking of moving to Vienna to pursue my studies. i wanted to bring one of my dog along and he's a medium sized one. i was scared that it'll cause lots of trouble like finding rent etc as i was planning on just renting an apartment. so i might need some tips! thank you ❤️

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I regret to inform you, wit1hout being here and able to search for the right lodgings it be nearly impossible for you to find anywhere. Landlords like to meat you in person first, youare unlikely to find a place from overseas. With a pet, it's even harder. Then you have to take into account what you would do over vaccation time, go back to your home country? Itbwouod put the animal under great stress flying back and forth a number of times a year. Also it can be rather expensive transporting the dog.

I recommend that you come on your own. Get in contact with the university and ask about student accomdation.

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