Hepitatis b positive information required

Hi  There,
With hopes of someone coming and helping me ,I am am posting a question.

I am planning to move to Kuala Lumpur and work in IT .
However I am a hepitatis b positive.
Kindly help me know if I will get work visa or will it be rejected.
Does Malaysia has a law or filter to not give Hepitatis b positive people, visa to work in top companies.


Thanks a million for your reply.
I am basically a Network Security expert , I am a Cisco CCNP ,and handle Firewalls.

I am a hepitatis b positive and I have been taking medicine for the same.All levels are controlled.
I was told by a few people that I am not eligible for working in Malaysia.

Hope to hear from you.


Something is definitely wrong here.........

I did not understand.
Kindly help .

What's is wrong,you mean the information provided by Dr.Bani.


Gravitas :

Something is definitely wrong here.........

I am not understanding and I am quite tensed.
Please help.


Hi Guys,
I am looking for a genuine advice.
Please understand.
Kindly help .


Why don't you contact the Malaysian Embassy in your area and ask them directly? That way you'd get the correct response.

Obviously you wouldn't want to try to come to Malaysia if your condition is not permitted.

Thanks Abdul,
Well thanks for your advice I will certainly choose the option that you gave.

Just a piece of information for your last line which didn't go well with me.
Hepitatis b is not a communicable disease.
It can happen to anyone.
More over I am just a carrier which means it's not reactive.
Next time you advise a hepitatis b .. be a bit gentle.

Then I don't really see the point of your question as surely it would be on a par with other chronic diseases. Only Foreign Workers have medical examinations both before and after arrival in Malaysia. There is special screening for those involved in food preparation. The only issue might be the level of coverage an employer's health insurance could provide in regards specifically to Hep B. My advice would be to ignore your health concerns and get on with applying for jobs here. It might be prudent to know the cost of treatment in Malaysia though.

Thanks a lot.Possibly you don't know how happy I am..
Thanks a lot🙂

Don't know what you are talking about Kumar. But, my brother in law died of it.

Gravitas seems to be giving good advice here.

Good luck.

For Hep A and B, the body is supposed to get rid of it naturally unless the person is unable to for other reasons in which case liver damage can be the result. Expats like me got vaccinated for A and B years ago to eliminate the risk. But since B can be passed by blood, like AIDS, the government and employers would be the ones to ask about your situation because they would be assuming the risk once you arrive. Like it was said, start at the Malaysian embassy and you might also check the website for any valuable information. Come back and post your results to inform other potential expats.

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