Turkish Resident Rights


I am living in Dubai but my brother planning to get Turkish temporary residence. I would like to know what are the benefits of Turkish residence, apart from that after getting residence what are the rights of Turkish resident? e.g. can he open bank account? can he buy property? can he sponsor mother/wife?


All non-turkish citizens individuals who want to stay in Turkey longer than the tourist visa (more than 30 - 90 days) MUST obtain short-term residence permit, valid from 3 months upto 2 year limit for each application instance.

Having legal status to stay in Turkey, with your FOREIGNER ID NUMBER you can get priority to be hired by an employer and also get WORK PERMIT next.

You don't need RESIDENCE PERMIT to open a Turkish bank account.

You don't need RESIDENCE PERMIT to buy property.

You cannot sponsor your family with SHORT-TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT, yet each family member must make a seperate application.

You can establish a company.

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