Medical Tests for Filipinos (POEA) and VISA Requirements


What are the medical exams done required for moving to Malaysia (for Filipinos going to work in Malaysia.... example POEA Medical Tests)?
If blood tests are needed or blood chemistry what are the tests done?

Depends what you are coming here to work much is your salaryp

its more than 5KRMB per month

sorry I mean MYR

The immigration doesnt require you to do a medical check up if your under Employment Pass Category I and II however medical check up depends on the individual company

For a foreign worker recruitment there is screening for infectious diseases etc. pre-entry and further medical clearance after arrival. This link explains the test in more detail … ed-to-Know

Hi there!
  What if I will earn 15k rm per month, what visa will I get or my employer needs to get. I am actually a Hepatitis B carrier and have medical certificate that I can't transmit the disease, only If I will donate blood. Your reply will be a great help. Thanks a lot.

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