Overseas VISA card in Morocco?

Hello. I just moved to Rabat and I'm wondering if I can still use my VISA card here. My bank doesn't have a branch though . Your answers are very much appreciated 😃

Short answer, yes.
  Long answer. I live part time in Morocco and bank in the USA. Prior to my current trip I used my Visa many times to purchase RAM tickets in the US (which is a Moroccan transaction) and a couple of times to change plane tickets at the RAM office in Morocco. Never used it for routine store purchases. Decided to try and use the card a lot more this trip. I have used my Visa for half a dozen store purchases this month.  The first purchase was a washer from Marjane. Minor delay waiting for a manager to enter a resale terminal code. Second trip to Marjane was for food and the transaction went straight through. Shopped twice at Aswak Salam, no problem and a couple other stores, again no problem.  I was asked for a picture ID which is a good thing. I have not tried getting cash from an ATM.
  I had to notify my credit union that I would be using my card to purchase tickets or while here in Morocco or fraud prevention would not allow the transaction. I bank electronically and log in to send a travel notice which is good for thirty days, then update as time passes.
  Try calling the number on the back of your card and ask if you can use your card here. Good luck!

Thanks very much HassanMehdia . Will do so asap

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