Residence permit for child under 18 yrs enrolling in school in the Ne

Dear all, kindly help me with this question. I have been in the process of enrolling my child in a secondary international school in the Netherlands. I told the admission that we are foreigners and wish to send our child to study there. Actually my sibling is living near that school and has already got the residence permit as a high skilled worker in the Netherlands.

We plan to have the sibling host and take care of our child once he is successfully enrolled in the Netherlands.
However I am worrying about getting our child a residence permit. I have looked up in some regulations about our situation and till now have been so confused.
Could it possible that the Netherlands authorities would grant our child a residence permit so that he can study there? And could I apply for one to take care of him? Kindly advise. Thank you!

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I'm not sure you can do what you're planning to do.  Your sibling is in Holland as a "high-skilled worker", so has no permanent status in Holland.  I can't find any way to get your child to join him/her as all such visas are "close-family", i.e. your child is coming to live with you, or his father.

I really hope I'm wrong, so I think the best people to speak to is the Dutch Government department (IND) that deals with this (ultimately, they will be making the decision).  As your sibling is already in Holland, perhaps it will be easier for him/her to make an appointment to go and see the local IND office and enquire there.  This link will take you to the IND website that lists these.

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Thank you for your advice. I have read some documents released by the authorities in the Netherlands and learnt that there is residence permit for students enrolling in secondary and vocational school and the school is the one who could apply for residence permit for their students with certain conditions. Hope we can get the permit thru that possibility.

How old is your child?

My child was born in June 2007, thank you for asking.

The school said they just could not do it, sadly. I see no chance here for my child to study in the Netherlands.

Huongthanh :

The school said they just could not do it, sadly. I see no chance here for my child to study in the Netherlands.

I agree with you; education visas are for going to College/University only.

It seems that the Netherlands does not see education as a way of making money, like other countries eg NZ or the U.S.
The residence policy is so strict. I have a friend who is single and with Europe citizenship, with no child. He could adopt our child to help with residence permit. Could you advise on this, please?
Thank you.

The rules across the EU are very similar and most countries do not view the education of a child as an opportunity to make money out of it.  However, If the host country will permit a resident to adopt that child, then they become the child of that resident and be entitled to the same as any other child resident.  My advice would be to speak to a lawyer in that country before you set off down that route - adoption is not something that can be easily undone.

I've just noticed in your original post the question regarding "could I apply for one to take care of him?"; I suspect not; if somebody else adopts your child, you're no longer legally involved with the child.  The host nation would probably view that as you trying to get around the immigration rules.

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