Help! How to pass the Dutch Basic Civic Integration Examination?


I would like to ask help how can I pass the Dutch Basic Integration Examination? I am starting studying alone. I live in the Philippines and I am going to take the examination this coming June. I am so nervous and I do not know where to start in my study, no steps and guide. Could you help me? Your reply is highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance?

Hi Ivana,

Welcome to the Forum.  A lot of people use "Naar Nederland"; this link will take you to their website.

There is also a lot of stuff on You Tube; just type Naar Nederland in the You Tube search function.

Hope this helps.

Hi Cynic,

Thanks for the help.  :)

- You can take lessons in The Phils,
- You can do self-studie with an official MVV-tekst and write-book
- You can study online (not so good; cost a lot & bad teaching)
- Come and visit Nederland with a 3-months Visa and learn (with an official MVV-study book) the real dutch life in practice!

I don't understand so much what your difficulty is;
-- Come and enter Nederland officially and then do your exam here?
-- You want to know what's the most fast way to be (legal) in Nederland?

P.M. me for more detailed message...


Hello Ivana,

I hope am not too late, do you have the cd and the book of naar nederland, that really helps me a lot.

I dont have. Im getting confused now and ofc stress..

Go to their website
See how the exam looks like. You can purchase the cd and the books there , once you purchased you will also get the chance to practice the exams. Do not stress! I have not received the result of my exam yet, however with all the guidelines on that website hopefully I will pass.. I did self study 2 weeks before exam.

Will keep you updated with the result.

Take care and veel success!

Omg you're so great, Hopefully, you can pass it! Goodluck to us. I have read about samples for speaking and there's a lot to study. Just saw it last night. Can you give me any tip? I don't have cd only I am depending on to naarnederland link.

From the exam i took most of the questions will be on this link if you ask your partner to translate it with u will be better:) speaking is a bit harder below are the questions i understood. ( ofcourse you gotta answer back in dutch)

Where do you live?
What is your birth date?
How do you find the dutch lesson?

Hope this helps you, some of the questions you can review on youtube just search for it:)

It has been 6 weeks today and I still didnt get the results, so i am also getting nervous! Are u from Philippines?

Best Regards,

Please have a look at this link and go to page 3, I posted a couple of links which should help you. … 87&p=3


Thanks for helping me and for the tips. Just wait for the result. Have patience! :top:

Yes, I am from the Philippines.

Good to know!

I am still waiting for the result, the last day of the 8 week will be on June 27,2017.

Will keep u updated. I am from Nueva Ecija, if your nearby you can visit and borrow my books and cd.

Have a good day!

Hello Maria,

I will be taking my exam this August. I would like to ask if there is still a part of a test where you give the opposite of the word and also the listening and repeating? I'm bit worried about the exam. I'm studing now using naar Nederland. Hope to hear from you soon. Your reply will be a great help for me. Salamat. :)

Hello. About the things u are asking for. It is not included anymore in the test. Spreekvaardegheid is the part where u nees to speak. You have to answer the given question en there is a sentence that u have to complete. Just study the naarnederland book. It will be a big help for u. Good luck to your incomin exam. Stay calm en relax and answer the question as confident as u can.

Thank you so much. :)

Hi Jhanice,

My exam doesn't include opposite meanings. The listening as well dont need repeatition, it is more on reading a situation and answer the question, the answers will be on the article that you read i find the KNS and listening easy so don't worry, i failed the speaking though, so make sure you compose a sentence on the answers!

Goodluck girl!

Did u get your result already? Mine took only 5 weeks to get my result and 5 weeks also with my MVV

Hi guys,

I am also planning to take the Civic Integration exam in mid January or early February. Ive been learning and studying almost a month and i'm dedicating all the time that i got for the exam and i feel like i getting better at this. I get help from my dutch partner everyday.

I went through the Naar Netherlands website and it helps but i havent got the package with with the audio CD but i practice with my partner and i have other dutch audio stuff that i listen to from Dutch for Dummies. Is that ok?

I can now understand alot more. I hope I pass the exam. The only part I am nervous about is the Spreekvaardigheid... From what i see everyone suggest the Naar Netherlands audio CD but is it ok to learn without it?

Thank you guys.

MaldivianMermaid . . .

Here are the Spreekvaardigheid Exam Materials

Now you can practice with your partner or you may try this youtube channel of InburgerenRD

Good Luck My Friend

Hallo, I am studying Dutch now by Naarnederland website, but i havent buy a package yet. I only study with free account and I can download the book, audio in this website too so I am confusing should I buy the package or not . can u tell me, what is the difference between free account and paid account? and how much for 1 package.
Thank you so much

Hi Piyou

I am asking the same questions as you are. Did you find out anything? I am also using the e-learning package

Hello, I don't think you need to buy the learning package. You can pass without it but just be resourceful enough. Try to download those exam materials they offer for free and also try youtube. Good luck. :)

Links for your references
These are the following sites where you can study.
      -this is good in learning basic words in Dutch
2. KNS examination
            a. … xamen.ctrl
                  -this is the sample for KNS exam
3. Reading Examination
            a. … xamen.ctrl
            b. … xamen.ctrl
            c. … aardigheid
     - these are the sample reading examination
4. Speaking Examination
            a. … igeer.ctrl
            b. … gheid-test
                  -these are the sample speaking examination
            c. … xamination
                 -the lists of questions in the speaking exam are all here. You can see how the exam looks like. 
5.  Additional site
Note: If the links I have attached can't be opened you may try to search it in Google and type the keywords
Naar Nederlands site will be very helpful for your study. Just download the free materials no need to buy. Goodluck. :)

Hello there!

I just took my exam last November 2017 and passed. Based on my own experience, I did my preparation on my own and with the help of my Dutch husband. So here are my top 3 recommendations for you to consider.

1. Check the Naar Nederland website:
There, everything you must learn and review will be in the exam. You can download it.

2. Given the materials from the site. Find time to do your studies. In my case, I study almost every night (PH time) because it works for me best since it's quiet so I can focus. I atleast read and study in between the day whenever I have extra time.

3. Your Dutch partner is your best friend/ teacher/ mentor on this matter because you can practice together and if you are like me a night person it's the best time for your partner as well considering the time difference.



And if you really find Dutch Language interesting aside from the reason that you have to learn it for the MVV sake-- I, personally like the idea that I'm able to speak and learn another language. Yes! Just take it easy and try to have fun while studying.

I hope this will help you a lot.
Succes met jouw examen! 😉

Hello everyone ,

Please I want to register for the exam, but while I was filling the form before I pay exam fees, I didn't see any option where I can pick time for the exam?!

My question: so after I pay the fees they will send me the time of the exam !

Thanks :)

After receiving the confirmation of your payment you may message/ email the MAN-CA for your appointment. You specify the date you want to take the examination. Include your candidate number for the reference. Then they will message you back for the confirmation and the availability of the schedule.

I attended a 4 weeks dutch course in cebu which is practical and helpful than self study.

I passed the exam in 1 take. We were 4 in our batch and 1 classmate got perfect score.  ;)

Hope it helps.

i'm planning to take the exam soon! just downloaded the learning materials. Hopefully I can pass so that I can apply for a MVV visa.

Basyang :

Hello. About the things u are asking for. It is not included anymore in the test. Spreekvaardegheid is the part where u nees to speak. You have to answer the given question en there is a sentence that u have to complete. Just study the naarnederland book. It will be a big help for u. Good luck to your incomin exam. Stay calm en relax and answer the question as confident as u can.

What are the example of questions that you have to complete? :)

Hello, you can visit and check naar Nederlands for the exam  you can download there  :)

I got my result yesterday Spreekvaardigheid-10 Leesvaardigheid-10 KNS-10.

Hi everyone, im new here hehehe i would like to ask for someone who just took the Civic integration exam if you have you pressed "Afsluiten" bec it rlly worries me if in just that mistake u won't be able to pass the exam 😔 im rlly confused and so sad.. Please reply .. I just finished taking it today. Thank you

Hi! How many questions are for the speaking part? Thanks!

Hi! I think Afsluiten is the final button you have to click after the exams. All the best on your results!

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