Temporary post box?

Hi everyone,

Will be heading to the Netherlands permanently in the autumn .  Myself and the wife plan on spending a few weeks in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas ( as this is where she will be placed ) .

I just have a quick question if anyone could help with it that would be great. While we are away we ideally would like to move around alot however I still need to be able to receive post for work. In Ireland there is a company that gives you a locker and a temporary address that you can pick up from multiple locations and was wondering if there is a similar service.

Thanks for any help

The Post Office in Holland was privatised and is now called PostNL.  I've never seen them offer a PO Box service and can't find anything on their website.  I have found a link to a company called "Dutchmailer", which seems to offer what you're looking for; this link will take you to their website.

Make sure to make friends with your neighbours and ask one of them to look after the mail, eventually the plants  and the house while you are away.
More easier and safer as they have a close watch.

Before the privatisation of the Dutch mail you  were able to rent a postbox but apparently not anymore.

Thanks very much for the reply guys. Really appreciate it