How long took your Basic Civic ntegration exam results?

Hi!! I would like to know your experience with the civic integration exam, I took it on September 27th and still no answer from DUO. I called the embassy in my country and said it can take longer than 2 months because DUO is " busy". Is somebody going through this? I would like to know your experience with it.
It's desperating wait, as you need the results of the exam to apply to the mvv and I don't want it to take too long to move with my boyfriend.



Hi Nicole,

I am going through the same situation, in-fact I also took my exam on 27th September as well.
Apparently, it is true Duo is currently very busy and they have posted this message on their website as well to inform us.

It is frustrating to know that it can longer than 2 months, and then whole MVV process has it own story of 3 months waiting time, delays, rejections. All we can do is wait.

How was your exam btw?


Apparently It was good, I took like 40minutes for all the exams. I hope everything is okay! What about you?


My exam was good thanks. I have a good feeling about my results but lets see how it goes!


Yup, I have the same feeling! Hopefully they answer asap! Let me know when you get your results! Success!


I did mine on the 15th of September in Nairobi upto now am still patiently waiting

There is nothing else to do than wait. I called today Duo and said It will take maximum 8 weeks not longer. They are not that busy anymore  :lol:

Hi Nicole, am still waiting for the results since 15th of September. Hopefully next week latest I have them.

Goodluck !!!! Let me know if you do! :)

Hi Nicole I finally got my results today
Speaking part scored 5
Literacy and reading comprehension 7
Knitting scored 9
Am dissapointed without the speaking part guess am gonna regret do it as soon as possible

Redo not regret

How much you need to pass the speaking? 6 at least??  Youll do It great!! Success!!!

Yeah that's right. You need score at-least 6 to pass each parts of the exam.

As stated it may take up to 8 weeks, I just passed my 1st week since 1st Nov .. however I know this process might take up to 5 to 6 months so I am a money hunt mission as the cost of life in Nederland is high .. Good luck to everyone and better luck next time Norah Dutch.

I just got my results and luckilly passed everything with 10!! :) Hopefully you had goodluck too!

nicoleaac wrote:

I just got my results and luckilly passed everything with 10!! :) Hopefully you had goodluck too!

Congratulations  :one

Very well done!

Hi Nicole,

I got my results after 6 weeks. I did my exam on March 7th and by the 13 of April I received and email with the results.

Good luck to everybody!

Hi! @ilan_13 Thanks for share your experience. After hoe longitud you got your results of the mvv ? And from which country are you from?

Hi Nicole,

Sorry for the late response.

Congratulation on passing your exam. well done :)

Well I have also got my exam result and passed with decent numbers 8,9 and 10 on each.

Already started gathering the documents for MVV.

Congratulations!!!! 🎉🎉

I just got my results of the MVV application and it was approved in 4 weeks !! :)

Perfect . . . Congrats & bon voyage

nicoleaac wrote:

I just got my results of the MVV application and it was approved in 4 weeks !! :)

🏅congrats 🏅

Hi Nicole,

That's a great news. I can't believe it that it took only 4 week. Lucky you.  Happy New Life and a Happy New Year.

When are you planning to move then?

Still haven't applied yet. But going to see my wife this week to celebrate Christmas and NY and then apply for the visa.


Hi! On February!! Gonna spend last month and holiday with my family and then move to the NL  :)

why did u fail ??? in speaking was it that hard ???

guys i did my exam yesterday and i have a good feeling that i will pass but i hate this feeling after the exam when u finish u start remembering what have u done and if u did it right or wrong lol and all this

i just have a question i want to know how do they check these exams and how they give u ur result i mean the speaking part .. it should be logic answer and also the pronounciation also and what else and how do they give u marks

Hi @Said21687  they don't tell you which question was wrong (if there is) or not, they just tell the score you got per exam and if you passed or not. You might get a 6 at least to pass these exams.

Good luck!!!!

Thanks already repeated the exam, feeling nervous and frustrated as I wait for the results, have you got your results?

Said I have a problem with the accent it gets me worked up and frustrated but I pray to pass this time.

Hi! Were you married when you and your partner apply for the MVV?

Still waiting for the results.

Hi Nicole...did you finally get to the Netherlands? I just took my Exam, a week ago. I want to go to my wife there.