Would being an autistic woman prevent me from moving to Netherlands?

Per the post tile, it can be assumed that I'm a mildly autistic woman and I'm high functioning.  Is it possible that my condition may prevent me from moving to The Netherlands in the future? I know it may prevent me from moving to NZ and the like.

Copying and pasting on a load of forums suggests any answers would be pointless as you jave no serious plans

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I don't think that specifically should matter; the only specific condition they seem to ask about is TB.  You will still have to meet all the requirements of your specific visa, there are no special dispensations for autistic people.

My only advice would be is if you are using medication to treat your condition, then you bring a letter from your physician to introduce you to your Dutch doctor and any relevant information related to your medication(s) and treatments.

Health Insurance companies in the Netherlands (by law, you have to take it out if you are a resident in the country) cannot exclude you for pre-existing conditions.

I hope this helps.


Expat Team