Invitation letter from municipality (gemeente)

Hi everyone,
I need this invitation from my uncle to provide it for me and he needs to get it from his municipality( … mmodation/). I have a very simple question, my uncle doesn't have a printer to print out the document needed to submit at the municipality. Can he find the document hardcopy at the municipality or he must find out someplace to print out the document?

Hello Fisnik Kurti,

Have you tried to get in touch with the municipality directly ?

I hope that our members will be able to help you very soon.


Priscilla Team

No, because I didn't have time to call them on Friday, and yesterday they weren't accepting calls so I just thought if someone has some information by any chance.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

In the link you provided, it tells you the form has to be filled in online via your Uncle's DigiD account, when he gets to the part where he has to print it, he can choose to print it as a PDF document and then e-mail that to whoever needs it.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team