Dear all,

Can anyone tell me how long the visa process in PHCC. I already submit all the requirements for visa and the hr told me that it is under process now and given to their immigration department. After that how long is the waiting time? Thanks!

I really want to answer this question as when I was going through the process, I could not get any proper response….. I will share my experience.

1- Got interview call in August 2019
2- Skype Interview on 28th Aug 2019
3- After 5 days got the email that i have qualified for the interview
4- In email it was written that offer letter will be sent in 5 working days but after too many telephonically follow up got offer letter after 35 days.
5- HR Asked to share the medical certificate within 3 working days after accepting offer lettter
6- HR also asked to get all the educational degree, marriage certificate and bonafide certificate from university attested from the qatar embassy, ministry of external affairs and Education department and to share it within 22 days.
7-  After sharing all the required document HR took 2 months to process visa.
8- Visa shared was a single visit visa with 2 years of duration and will be converted in to work visa as soon as i land in qatar.
9- So for me whole process took 6 months.
10- Sometimes it is quite frustarting because HR does not update you about the steps and you have to wait for so many months. Patience is a virtue, i must say :)
11- Finally i will be leaving in the mid of january 2020.

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