I'm planning to spend the world cup 2018 in Russia with friends

Hello guys ,
I'm planning g to spend the world cup 2018 in Russia with friends, I don't know exactly where will be the matches yet,I lived in Europe for 12 years,so I'll need to know about rooms rent,studio, family room Rent.
transportation to stadium, daily expenses, also if there are some valuable items that I can bring with during worldcup 2018_
Souvenirs extra..
Also need to know as I have iT experience at HP Hewlett Packard and I speak Arabic,Romanian,English, French,Italian (fair).
Are there available jobs for multi lingual?
Thanks in advance and willing to have new friends through the forum,
Same treat you will hey guys when u will come you egypt :)
Egypt just qualified to Russia world cup 2018

Hello! Im from Moscow. I can help you to find a room or hostel or hotel. And i can calculate a tour on bus or trails or airplane. Calculate a menu. Tickets to metro, i have room, very near to arena Lujniki stadium. Ask my if you interestin.

Thanks Bro ,
After 10 December will know exactly where will be he matches, then we will make a plan we will be delighted to have your assistance .
Russia is a great country to visit

not at all. where are you from? your team?
after 10 dec, find me. my email ***

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Hi narrator
I am coming to Nitzy Novograd for the World Cup...I THINK I should get a ticket...but as my time is limited and unfortunately I don't speak any Russian I would greatly appreciate assistance when I arrive ....perhaps we could meet up for a drink and have a chat ...I have already booked my hotel 'somewhere' in the centre I think....the name Hotel Paris.. .any information you can help me with will be VERY helpful....I will arrive by train from Moscow!
Hope to hear from you....oh by the way I support Scotland but unfortunately we did not qualify...but I am a lover of football in general and look forward to Russia 2018!

Correction ...HOTEL PARUS

hello, jimmy! From Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, by train 50 euros. your hotel Paris is not in Nizhny Novgorod! 75 kilometers by car. I can help with living in Moscow.

hotel Parus is correct. In Nizhniy Novgorod.)))

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Thanks Narrator....Jimmy

thank you, Masha , I was trying to find it cause it's confusing a bit to know all steps, when ill go to the world cup.

i hope you will guide me till then,

Hi Fady fawzy,

I am very glad if my answer was useful for you. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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Hi guys! I have a 4 bedroom apartment in Nizhniy Novgorod. 100 m2, can fit 10-12 people easily. 10 minutes driving from the stadium. A park is in a waling distance. A bar is in the building! I speak English and meet you and give you some guidance.
If interested, send me a private message.

are you interested in accommodation in Nizhny Novgorod for the 2018 world Cup with a transfer to the cities where the matches of your team will take place?

Hi. I study English and glad to chat. I am ready to help you to find tickets or some other things. For example, meet in airport on my car.

Hi guys I'm David Achraf from Algeria I'm looking forward to travel to Russia on June and I'm alone so I'm searching for friends to meet there

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