Graduate from UK looking for work in thailand


Hope all is well, I have recently signed up to this website, and was wondering if anyone can help

I am looking to make my future in Thailand. I was wondering if you know anyone who is recruiting, or someone who can guide me in the right direction. I have been trying for a long time to get out there, but not been having the best of luck with opportunities.

I am a graduate with commercial experience in different industries. I am very open into what I do, and believe I can make a valuable contribution to any organisation.

Look forward hearing from you shortly.

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I have sent you a private message

Hi everyone,

@ Vijaytara, have a look at the following thread : What are the dos and don'ts of finding a job in Thailand? . You will also find some information by reading the Finding work in Thailand article and feel free to drop a "looking for" advert in the Jobs in Thailand section for better exposure.

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Thais are extremely protective of "their" jobs for Thai people.  Unless you have a specific skill that can't be filled by a national, it is extremely difficult to obtain employment (I wish it was that way in my country).  Most ex-pats, or I should say many, teach English, manage bars or open a small business.  Of course there is the already tired video/traveling/vlogging  "stuff".  That's a dime a dozen.  There are recruiters in Thailand but I know nothing about the quality or your specific skills.

Good luck in your quest.

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