Advice For Language Programmes In Portugal??

Ola everyone,

am considering to take a year break and live in portugal to study portuguese for a year. any information on that and I was wondering while am there, will it be easy for me to get part time job of any sort to support myself? do you think it's possible? thanks

Hi rebecca_lass :)

I can suggest you to post an advert in Lisbon classifieds >Classes> Language classes for portuguese learning. As for your job maybe you could tell about your experiences and other members will be able to advise you accordingly ;)

Good luck

Dear rebecca_lass,

Annual and summer Portuguese courses for foreigners are offered by the university of Lisbon. Here is the link:
But as concerns the possibility of finding a part-time job there, I would advise you to have sufficient financial means before leaving as Portugal is currently facing an economic crisis.

Good luck!

I agree.  There are not enough jobs for the Portuguese, unless you can apply for an internship with th embassy or something...just making this up, don't know if it even exists, forget about getting a job. 

We take Portuguese classes for foreigners at the local public school at night.  The classes are free and very good.  You need to have a fiscal number and be living here.  Classes are 3 nights a week and run the same time as the school calendar.  My partner has done very well at the class, I found it very difficult, it is a tough language. 

If you want resident status, you need to apply to the portugese embassy before you come to Portugal.  You need insurance, show you can support yourself and jump through lots of hoops.

That said, as an Americana with 9 months of living in Portugal, I am here to stay.  It is a wonderful country and moving here is the best decision I have made in years!
Good Luck,

hello all,

thanks for your replies. I can understand about the part time job thingy. I would just like to go for a year or so, learn a new language and travel around that region. A year break from work (am a cabin crew and it's getting exhausting). really? classes at public schools are free? how can i gather more information about it. And what do u reckon I should be prepared for before leaving for portugal? and what should i do? As for difficulty of the language, first bitter then sweet :). Nothing comes easy in life.

Hi Rebecca,
We have lived in Caldas da Rainha north of Lisboa and just moved to a village on the sea, Salir do Porto.  To register for the school, you go to the school office in September with your passport and fiscal number and register,  they probably will not speak English very well but someone will know enough to help you out.  Our classes were 3 nights a week, Tues-Thursdays.  Students were a mix of English, Americans (me), Ukraines, Russians, Scottish, Bulgarians, many had been in Portugal for years, we had just been here 3 months before starting the class.  The class just ended this week with a test.  If you pass you can go on to the next level. 

The classes should be in the secondary school in any city in Portugal.  Not only are they free, but if you have the proper residency papers you are paid 2,50 euros a class to attend!  It is paid to you at the end of the year. 
Hope this helps.