How can we study medicine in lisbon as a international student


I was wondering if there is any way for international student study medicine in Lisbon ?

I am living in Lisbon now and 26years old .

I did a lot of research about it but I didn't find any information for international student.

@Negar Nasiri you can study medicine in Faculty of Medicine at University of Lisbon by taking a test and if you  pass it you can study like everyone else, but in Portuguese language only. Not sure if private universities have courses in English language. I myself did a post graduation course in medicine in English language.


There are these private universities, with courses in english.

Catolica Medical School, Católica campus (Tagus Park, Sintra)

Open since 2020, with 100% english teaching. … anguage=en … al-school/ … 88582.html

Fernando Pessoa University, Porto

The medicine course will open in 2023/2024, but there have been Masters and Postgraduate courses in english for several years. … /medicina/