Looking to share the price of Portuguese classes??

I am looking at Portuguese classes in Lisbon and alot of the schools offer private lessons 1 on 1. However they all say if you know a second person who also wants private lessons you can share the price with them. This obviously makes it much more affordable for both people whilst getting the most from the lessons. It beats a group of 5 to 12 people for sure! If anyone is interested please let me know as I would like to do it this way starting asap


Rob :)

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I suggest you to place an advert in our section Language classes in Lisbon so as to increase your chances to find a partner who is also seeking to learn portugese.


Done...thanks ;-)

Have you thought about the university. They run classes Tues to Fri at all levels with either early or late starts. The teaching is excellent and the courses work out very cheap, you can do it in 13 week blocks.

Hi.. I have applied for the course at college and it's free of cost. Only problem is they require few more candidate to start the course. I am waiting for their call. Course should start in November. Have you started the course?


No, I had a few lessons but need to get back on a course asap! What's the name of the college or what would I need to do? Thanks :)

You can have Free class, if you are interested let me know

Thank you

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You may drop an advert in the Classifieds section if you know of any class

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