Improve english conversation (elementar)

Hi Guys, I'm brazilian, but I live in Lisbon. I need to improve my english conversation (I think that is elementar), so I'm seeking a group with this goal. For me, the meet may occur in any place, i.e, café, pub for drink beer (I like), garden, etc.



Hello regivaldo,

I would suggest that you take a look in our classifieds section . namely : language classes in Lisbon

Hopefully this might help you in your endeavor? Do update us if you manage to find someone.


Dear Gavind,

Thanks for your reply.

Ok, if I find somebody, I send to you a feedback.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards.

Check out Couchsurfing.  There are various weekly meetups, including English/Portuguese language exchanges.  Good luck!

Dear friend,

Ok, thank you for this tip.

I will see!


It's easy to learn english language if you really want 😀