In Portugal, do they allow anyone into public high schools?

I will be graduating early soon (in the US) and was looking at study abroad options (just so I can become totally fluent in Portuguese). Studying abroad if you are from the US is totally overpriced (over $10,000) and I have family in Portugal, so I was thinking of making my own low to free of cost way of studying staying with a family member of mine and attending public school in Portugal. Now, my question is, would they let me attend a public school knowing I already graduated with a diploma? (btw I would be going for a semester since I would be graduating a semester early)
Also, I don't have to worry about visas either, I have  Portuguese citizenship.
thank you so much. :)

Hi there!

What do you want to study in Portugal? Only the Portuguese language or a different study?


Sander van Houdt

I meant just going to public highschool not any college subjects or in college in general

The Portuguese have a perfect word for this: DESENRASCAR

So maybe it is possible to contact a high school directly and ask them if it is possible to make an arrangement.

If I would be the director of a high school in Portugal I would accept "foreign" students who speak Portuguese, I mean, why not? However I would ask them to pay the tuition for the semester of course.......

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Haha! Yes ill deffanitly try and contact them, it would be well worth it too lol! :)

Yeah, you go and do some DESENRASCAR-ing  LOL

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Before you graduate, get some kind of certificate from your school saying that you are enrolled in whatever year you are in. Then just present that certificate here and say you'd like to complete high school and ask to enroll. They would never find out that you have actually already graduated.

The correspondence of school certificates between countries is defined by law in Portugal.