Filipino in France

Is there anyone who can help me answer below questions?

1. Is there any possibilities you can get a job in france if you are in tourist visa?

2. What are the risk on staying in France without papers? (From tourist visa doing part time jobs)

Thank you

It would be illegal and leave you open to arrest and deportation.

Hello! Frankly speaking, you cannot work in france with a tourist visa. Companies might not hire you in fear of being sanctioned, paying a fine or worst shutting down of their business. Overstaying in France (and other EU countries) is strictly prohibited. If you are arrested by the police, you may be placed in police custody or administrative detention center. You may also be sentenced by criminal court to one year's imprisonment and / or a fine up to €3000+ (I'm not sure the exact amount). If you're deported or subject to deportation you might not be able to return to France, you are likely to be denied a visa in the future. The risks are high. Although, it's really up to you, there are some people moonlighting in France too :)

We should note...

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The OP asked what would happen IF she committed a crime and that's been answered so perhaps it's better to lock the thread.

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