Portugal's most expensive cities

Hello everyone,

What are the most expensive cities to live in Portugal? What are the costs of things such as rent, utilities, weekly groceries, dining out, etc.?

What is the lifestyle like in these cities, for expats and locals?

What are the different neighbourhoods like? Are there more affordable areas?

Do you have any experience living in any of Portugal's most expensive cities? What was it like?

Which cities in Portugal would you recommend? Are there any that offer particularly good value for money when it comes to cost of living?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Well to answer you. Cost of living is relative to your living standards. For some a loaf of bread costing 2€ is the norm, for others its 50c.

This is one of these typical situations found in trying to explain how long is a piece of string. It varies from person to person.

The reality is that in all the cities you will find suppliers that will meet your budget needs, be they on the low end or high end. You just have to look ... they are all there.

In a way generalising living conditions in one city versus another it is difficult. We will need to look at the macroeconomic of a region or town versus its microeconomic scenarios. And they are as varied as the colours in our universe.

This question is quite inappropriate,Portugal happens to be the most less expensive country in Europe.

Lisbon might be a bit pricey,but nothing like Paris,Geneva or any city in Europe.

Living in the country,where I do, is abt the quarter of the price in France.That goes for food,fish,wine restos.
I am able to compare and I spend quite sometime in France during the year when not in Portugal.

Best regards

I have never been to Portugal, but I live in the Azores and I've visited two islands so far. This is the best climate in the world and the best place to live by far. It is affordable, friendly, sunny, perfect climate always warm, but never too hot or too cold and no need to a/c or heat. There are no better places to live in the world than Pico island, Azores. And the cost of living is cheaper than any other developed country in the world and cheaper than many Third World countries by far. You can live on €500 a month or on much less. The most expensive place in Portugal is probably Lisbon and Algarve.

I'm researching a country for my nephew (Italian citizen) who is looking for a very peaceful and warm climate which match Azores...  as a member of expat.com I thought to be a good idea to share informations... I would like to know if it is easy to find job. My nephew is researching as well. He love nature, sport like golf and surf and would like very much to work in this field... Please let me know..

Move to Pico island. jOBS ARE GOOD.

thanks for your suggestion will look for more information.