Cheapest cities in Portugal

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Budget is an important consideration when moving to Portugal. Ideally, expats would settle down in a city in Portugal where the cost of living is low but where they could also enjoy a decent quality of life. Would you be able to give a few tips to someone planning a move to Portugal by answering the questions below?

What are the cheapest cities in Portugal?

Why are they cheap? What singles them out as a city where the cost of living is low?

What is the average budget for one person living in these cities?

Is it easy to find a job as an expat in these cities? What is the overall quality of life like?

Are they expat friendly? Would you recommend these cities to someone looking to settle in Portugal?

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I am at the beginning of researching a place to relocate internationally. I have chosen Portugal.  I no longer work and currently live on a barrier island off the panhandle of Florida USA.
1. I want to live in a different culture, my husband ask for a divorce very abruptly several years ago and I moved to the barrier island. Beautiful place to live. However the people of the FL Panhandle are very conservative, very poorly educated and are real Trump supporters.  I cannot make this my home.
2. Have lived all over the US and am ready to try life in Portugal.
3. Cost of living appears to be low.
4. Portugal seems to welcome expats
5. Lot of British retirees. Less of language barrier. 
     Am going to use Babel to learn Portuguese.
     Have a translating device to help
6. Want to get a room for a month to check things out before making a         
       decision to move.  Could anyone give me any info in helping me
       in  this daunting endeavor.
7.  I am 64 yrs, I worked as a CPA, and have a Masters  in Tax Law. I no             
      longer care to work. I Am interested in volunteering.

Nice to hear, i am thinking that way, if you get information share with me at ***

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Sorry. I was not aware.
Thanks. Shannon

Hi Shannon,

I like your questions and strategy to move to Portugal.

My husband and I are from Washington DC.  We are staying in Lisbon.  We don't speak Portuguese yet, we don't have any issues getting around.  Portuguese people are so nice and accommodated.  A furnished One-bedroom rent is between 700 - 1300 euros. Some apartments do include electricity.  Some American expats live in Cascais (30 minutes outside of Lisbon), I think the apartments in that area are cheaper.

Some of my friends found a room or apartment for rent on Facebook.  I recommend visiting Portugal in September through November so you can check out other cities to determine a city that fits you.

Your experience and credential will be helpful/beneficial to expats and locals. 

Sue Bowman

Hi -we are thinking of retiring in 2020 to Portugal.  Probably Algarve.

Can you share any information you have gotten with me?  Are you living there now?

We are planning to go there for the last two weeks in Feb 2020.

Thanx for any info you can share



I saw your post, and am wondering if you have moved to Lisbon yet, or still contemplating?  My wife and I are in a somewhat similar situation.

We are not ready to retire yet, but within 2 years I hope.  We will both be about 50 at that time, but will not be working in Lisbon.  We will want to volunteer, walk dogs for people, etc.  Just a few things to keep busy. 

We LOVE Lisbon and have been several times.  So, we are set on the city.  We like many different areas, although we are focussing more on city center rather than going more up north, despite better prices up there, and more space.  That is our dilemma.

Curious where you are in the process?  since you will NOT be working, you will be in a similar situation in that you will not need a work visa.  have you started the resident visa process yet, or are you still thinking about all of this?  What have you decided to do about your healthcare?  will you go all public, or pay for a private option (which sounds far more efficient, but not sure about cost)? 

would you mind if we exchanged a few emails back and forth so I can ask some follow up questions re. your experience?   I got an email for a fully renovated apartment in Graca (this wasn't our preferred location due to it not being near the metro, and not much green space which we want for our dogs), and it seemed VERY cheap for the size -- 270,00€ for 1300 sq feet for a 2BR/1BA.  As a result, I MAY consider buying it now and renting it out until we are ready to move...and then deciding if we live there or somewhere else.  If that price is as competitive as I think it is, it might be worth buying it.

Oh, we live in Tampa, and yes, I have to get away from the Trump folks.  Much worse for you in the panhandle, but still, FL is full off too many MAGA folks for us! 

Thank you VERY much,